Home Fishing Tips Jigging Wolf River Walleyes / Early Spring Fishing Tips

Jigging Wolf River Walleyes / Early Spring Fishing Tips

Jigging Wolf River Walleyes / Early Spring Fishing Tips

(country music) – Alright team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water ♪ – We eat, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ ♪ Where the breathing is easy, the living is good ♪ ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – Welcome to Larry Smith outdoors, we’re sponsored by the Badger Sportsman magazine, Bartlein Barrells, Warrio Boats, Big Snow Resort, Wings Over Wisconsin, Mike’s Country Meats, Midwest Shooters Supplies, Burger’s Smokehouse, Dowco, Vexilar, Dick Smith’s Bait and Tackle, Komelon Measuring Tools, Kmiec Law Firm, Norm’s AG, and Jiffy.

And remember it’s a great day to be alive. Holy moly. Still going to have a talk with the governor about this paying for boat landings. We pay taxes, right. And then the pen doesn’t even work. I’m really going to have a talk with the governor, look at this faulty pen.

Hey I’ll tell you what, good morning and welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. We were supposed to do a little ice fishing this week, but I’ll tell you what, we had a little change of plans and we are on the Wolf River on the Winnebago system.

And I’ll tell you what, the walleyes have been biting like crazy. We’ve got our good friends from Mike’s Country Meats with us today fishing, and guess what, believe it or not, we’ve got the legend, Lance Sweeting with us too.

Hey I’ll tell you what Lance, it’s not going to be long we’re going to be ice guiding, so this is, I’m putting this boat away, I’ve got the Warrior put away already, this one’s going to get put away after today I don’t care how warm it is.

I’m done open water fishing. We’re going to work on shacks until we get some ice. – That sounds like a plan. – What are you thinking Lance this winter? – Should be an awesome bite this winter. We had a lot of walleyes late in to the fall out on Winnebago, so once that caps over, there’s a good perch population out there.

So we’re expecting high expectations for a good bit out there this winter. – Okay, that’s sounds. – Get some safe ice and we’ll be on it. – Well and I’ll tell you what Lance. The few deer that I saw during deer season that got shot, had a tremendous amount of fat on them, and typically, typically I will say, typically that is a good sign that we’re going to have a cold Winter.

Even though boy I’ll tell you, I thought we would be ice fishing by now. I know they’re ice fishing in Minnesota and parts of northern Wisconsin. But you know what, like I said, next week’s show I’m sure we’ll be on the ice, but this week we’re going to enjoy the weather that we have today and we’re going to do some vertical jigging using plastics and some live bait and we’ll see what happens.

Hey I’ll tell you what, lets go fishing. – Let’s go fishing. – I’ll tell you Lance, I just got to bring one more thing up, I’m going to say one more thing. Is that last time you and I fished, we had a bet.

Okay the bet was if you lose, I got to put your name up there in the girls could call ya. Why aren’t you looking at the camera? (laughing) And then, let’s just, I mean I want to get to some fishing here, but I just want to say to you, you did lose the bet.

Most the time you out fish me, but you didn’t that day, so today I got a little different deal, well this is going to be, well today the loser of the bet has to read three cards out of this box, you agree? – Alright.

I’ve never seen that one before. – Do you agree? – Sounds better than the last deal. – Okay you do agree, look at the camera. – I agree. – He agrees. – Pressure’s on. – The loser of it has got to play the game and read three cards.

Hey I’ll tell you what stay tuned, let’s see what happens today on the Wolf River. – [Lance] Get your reading glasses out Larry. – That’s a good point. – [Narrator] Creating a fishing boat that delivers unsurpassed fishability, speed, and performance on the water, is achieved through an ongoing commitment to quality and a driving passion for making great boats even better.

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Visit us online at smokehouse.com or look us up at your local grocery store. (upbeat music) – First one on plastics. Alright got one too? – Lot’s of little ones. – That’s okay. Lot of guys would call these 15 inchers, but about maybe 11.

5, 12. (yelling) – [Larry] That looks a little better one. Flip it around. – I’m on the board. – [Larry] Hey your last trip when we fished Randy, we were up there fishing on the barge on Mississippi, you went all day, the only guy, that was a tough fight, never caught a fish.

– It was a tough bite, but. – That was a very tough bite, a lot of fun though. – It was you know, that was an experience. – Yeah it was. We’ll definitely be back there fishing with our good buddies. – I’ll go back there.

You mind grabbing me a minnow? – Oh there we go. I’ll tell you what. What’d you say? (yelling) (laughing) Over 20 is five points? – [Lance] I thought you said suckers don’t count. – What do you mean that’s a beautiful fish, look at that.

– Oh my God a beautiful bass. – Hey I’ll take them anyway I can get em. And he’s hooked right in the mouth, you see that Lance? – [Lance] I see that Larry. – Look at that, I love that. (splashing) Whoa there we go, that’s a keeper.

Right there, I’ll tell you, that’s a good 13, 14, probably 14 inches, plus it’s mine and it’s my boat and my show, it’s 15 and a quarter so you guys know that. (laughing) So I got the first keeper, and again, hey Lance, you know.

I got three fish so far. – [Lance] Yup, keep ’em going. – And a keeper, finally a keeper. On the old ringworm, I’ll tell you that. No live bait for me. Boy last time, there you go. – It’s a little bigger.

– Getting a little, just a little bigger. Hey Lance I got another one. Oh and another keeper. (laughing) I love it, the old ringworm, oh Lance has got one now too. The legend, he’s in the game. – Don’t have a net out here for this one though.

– [Larry] No net, it looks like a good fish. Oh no snag fish, can’t count. (laughing) – You want to open it up. If you just stand clear, I got her. It was snagged in the gills. – [Dan] He pinned it. – Right, the fish wanted it.

– [Larry] Hey Lance I want to talk a little bit about why that fish was hooked the way he was. What happens is they actually pin that to the bottom. – Right they slap that jig down to the bottom, grab the tail end of that minnow, and you set the hook and the hooks generally right underneath the gil plate here.

– [Larry] But it is an illegal fish. So you got to let it go. – It would taste so good though Larry. – [Larry] I know Lance. (laughing) Let’s see if he’s got him hooked right this time. – Don’t you never mind.

– [Larry] Oh he does have him hooked right, wow. – It’s two to four now, if you want to call that sucker a fish. – [Dan] No we ain’t counting that. – No that doesn’t count? – [Larry] If the snag ones count, that means that the sucker counts for one.

– A lot of small nails, fun to catch. – [Larry] Lance. – Get in the boat. Doesn’t go to the live well, but that’s three to four. He’s feeling the pressure now. – [Cameraman] Not enough pressure there though.

– Two years, two years from now. He’s getting nervous up front. – [Dan] He is, you’re getting bit. – [Larry] Aw Lance, what. – Stay on, did you sharpen these hooks Larry? – [Larry] That was your hook.

Boy you got that one right in the face. – Yup, tied up four to four. Tied up four to four. – [Larry] Well you’re getting to the fish before I am. – Here we go. Le the excuses start flying. – Whoa. – [Larry] I’d say that’s a keeper.

– I think we got the lead five to four. – [Larry] Five to four he’s saying. – Yup, you know Larry in a couple weeks here hopefully we’re going to be out ice fishing, and like we said at the opener, sounds like we think that the lake system’s going to hold pretty good fish.

We supply everything, heated shacks, electronics, all you have to bring is what you want to drink and your fishing license. We have a nice hot lunch out there, hashbrowns, burgers, brauts, whatever Larry throws in the cooler that day.

And we certainly looking forward to ice fishing this year. I’m sure at the end of the show Larry will be putting up the numbers where you guys can contact us, and I would imagine that’s going to be in a week or two.

Give us a call, it’ll be a great time. – [Narrator] Trophy Ice Fish. Greenbay’s premier ice fishing guide service. Captain Lonny Goldman specializes in trophy walleye and whitefish packages. Clients are shuttled out on six passenger Yamaha UTVs to heated ready to fish ice houses.

Perfect for family, friends, and corporate outings. Restrooms on the ice and their exclusive shore lunch, make Trophy Ice Fish the top choice for your ice fishing fun and comfort on the Bay of Greenbay.

Check out Trophyicefish.com or call Barbara at 920 255 2617 to book your ice fishing adventure. – [Narrator] The Gillotine, the most versatile jigging and hook setting system the fishing industry has ever seen.

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– [Narrator] At Jiffy we break new ground. In fact every decision we make revolves around it. The new Jiffy 46 extreme, is 49 cc’s of unmatched power, with a fixed position propane system, and over twice the efficiency for low end torque.

Or go ninja with the Jiffy 44 Pro. The lightest in its class, the best in power and portability inside and outside. The only icehoggers built in the USA. Jiffy, we put the world on ice. – [Narrator] Badger Sportsman Magazine is Wisconsin’s outdoor magazine.

Badger Sportsman provides the best Wisconsin fishing and hunting information. Written by local Wisconsin guides and professionals to help you put more fish in the line, more birds in the bag, and the venison in the freezer.

Go to Badgersportsman.com or call us at 920 230 3474. Subscribe now and get our current issue mailed to you as a free bonus. Badger Sportsman Magazine, Wisconsin’s outdoor magazine. – [Larry] That’s not too big of a deal.

Thank you. – Best jerky on the planet. – No doubt. I’ll tell you what, here we go lightning. You know again, now look at this fish, I’m going to throw this one back obviously too small and illegally caught, but hooked underneath and actually what they do is when that bit drops to the bottom, they pin it down with their bottom of their jaw there and then kill it and then slurp it in.

So that’s why you get that hook a lot of times right on the bottom. Basically what I’ve got here today, I’m going to let that one go. Just a quarter ounce jig, using a ring worm and just working it very very slow.

Keeping it tight to bottom, working it anywhere from three to five inches off the bottom. Most of those fish are compressed tight. So I’m keeping it right in front of their face at all times there. – That’s some good ham there Larry.

– Yeah that’s great ham, Burger’s Smokehouse. When you have kids, you learn to eat the crust for some reason kids don’t like to eat the crust. Doesn’t bother me. That’s a great sandwich. – I’m rolling.

Oh lightning, you’ve been had, gunna crawl ’em. – [Larry] There you go. – Six to five, but whose counting? – [Larry] You have minnows on though. – Have you seen this game, I don’t want to be the loser.

– [Larry] Lance, holy moly. – Getting ahead Larry. Seven five. – [Larry] One more and I might have to grab a minnow. – Oh I think we’re almost out of minnows, you said you were sticking with plastics today so, – [Larry] I hope you use up some minnows.

– I’m going to try to conserve this one. Little guy. – [Larry] Lance, uh oh. – They’re getting smaller, but they still count as a number. (boat engine roaring) Larry would say that don’t count, but Dan do you agree that was in the mouth right? – [Dan] That counts.

– Good enough. – [Dan] You’re pulling away, pulling away. – How much longer before Smith puts a minnow on? – What are you saying back there, I can’t hear you. That noisy engine that just came by us. It’s okay.

– [Dan] Eight to five I think is what he said. – Don’t, isn’t there a handicap when you got the plastics? – Oh, maybe not. He had his hook right where it was supposed to be, in the upper lip. Come on.

Yeah the Mississippi was good. Come on, look over here little guy. – Today you’ve been down. – [Dan] Good work there Mike, on the board. – He I’ll tell you what Lance, you know what we made like five passes on that spot, the first pass we got nine fish in the boat and it was pretty good, missed a bunch more, and then every pass after that it was less and less.

They did, and I don’t know if it’s the time of day, but you know it’s the nice part about these fish, they really are spread out through this whole lower part of the wharf here so what we’re doing is just making a move back up river to find a few more spots.

Seems like because there’s not a lot of current, the fish haven’t been moving way up lik specifically this time of year we’re fishing more like New London area, but these fish seem to be holding more towards the mouth a lot more.

Again a lot of it’s got to do with current. When you don’t have the current they’re not going to migrate as far, so that’s a big thing, and you notice on the low pier we were marking a lot of fish, a lot of bait fish out in these areas and that’s what’s holding these fish.

– So we’re going to find another deep hole and see if we can come across some. – And especially find some fish that want to bite on plastics. – What’s the number now? – I believe that I am down by two.

– Three. – What, three? – Eight to five. – I hope you got all that on camera, because I want to review this if I lose. – [Dan] What did you hide the game? – Oh hold on, it didn’t fly out. This is going to be very interesting.

The other day Shotgun Shafer came out to the house and he had this game Speak Out, and I’ll tell you something, seeing him lose the game and had to say, read three of the cards, it was pretty scary. So this is something I definitely do not want to lose today.

– Shotgun is behind this? – Shotgun Shaffer is behind this, right. – I should have known, what’s new. – [Narrator] Wings over Wisconsin. A nonprofit organization dedicated to natural resource restoration, preservation, and education with youth and community involvement.

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com (suspenseful music) – Hey Lance. Plastics. – First one on the plastic in two hours. (laughing) – I’ll take them any way I can get them. Good for the bait, he’s going to go back in anyways. – There’s a sucker.

– It’s a big fish. – [Dan] You got a big walleye? (grunting) – [Lance] Sucker. – Dangit. – [Lance] What kind was that anyway Larry? – That was a money fish. That was five points right there. Son of a.

.. – [Lance] Who tied that knot? – Oh that makes me so mad. Did I tell you guys I’m fishing plastics. – [Dan] Yeah we’ve noticed that. Looks like you’re fishing nothing right now. – I’m fishing nothing now, that’s right.

Lance one more and we’re going to be tied buddy. One more and we’re going to be tied. – [Lance] What happened to staying vertical. – What vertical? – [Lance] Yeah you had 35 feet of line out there and we’re in 11 feet of water.

– I didn’t say anything about vertical. Lance this is one day I do not want to lose, I’ll tell you that. Now we are tied up. Tied up, Lance what are you doing pinching now? – [Larry] If you can catch two in two minutes, now I know they’re biting that way.

– That’s enough to take the lead though. The last hour, the fish we’ve been catching, the size has not been that big all day long, but they’ve really gotten small now. You know again this system is, Lance it’s amazing how many fish are in this system when it comes to perch and walleyes and white bass, so we’re talking about the last couple of winters have been just mediocre winters as far as fish catching on the system, but this winter should be definitely the start of a peak for these next three or four years so we start looking at all the different species like walleye, caropie, white bass, perch, it’s just amazing, and that’s the way this system has always been, the cycles come up, the cycles go down, it’s a high pressured system.

So you just have to go with the flow. Again, this winter should be the start of a really good streak for the next three or four years. – Yeah on a upswing like you said there Larry. Last yeah all of our fish on the reefs out there were 12, 13 inchers, and then this year we’re catching a lot of them that you can take home, 14 to 16 inchers.

Perfect for the frying pan and hopefully they stay out there so we can get them through the ice. – [Larry] Right. You know we’re looking at some of the highest number of caropies too Lance. You know that’s the hatch from three years ago is a phenomenal, so that should be another good species to target out on the main lake out there.

– The tail end of last year we had about a three week bite where it was, 12 to 16 caropie per person and they were all the 13, 14 inch range. It was some fun fishing. Tied up, nine nine. Cold smash today.

Alright stay on. – [Dan] Come on, get her in here Lance. – Working on her, better one. Alright. I’d chit chat but we’ve got to get two up quick. Had I known this I would have picked up an extra dozen minnows this morning.

Somebody only put 14 in there, expects us to fish all day. Smith. (yelling) – [Dan] Pick it up, pick it up. (laughing) – Oh I’m loving this, I tell you what, at home you guys got to be laughing because what are they getting so excited about these 10, 12 inch fish for, when you see at the end of this show why this competition is so fierce right now, you’ll understand why you don’t want to lose.

– Get in there, oh. (laughing) – I know everyone at home is like what are you so excited about, wait til you see. Okay Lance, I’m ahead by one. Ten more minutes, otherwise we’ll be here til midnight. 10 more minutes, Dan do you want to set the clock, 10 minutes? – [Dan] You got it.

– Okay, 10 minutes, everybody heard it? – [Dan] Oh boy. – [Larry] How many minutes we got left? – [Dan] Seven and a half. Lance you got any time outs left? – No time outs. Down to the two minute warning here.

(yelling) – Whoa, whoa! I am loving today. Thank you, I am loving today. How many minutes do we got left? – [Dan] I don’t know I got to check the clock. (laughing) Oh boy, five seconds. Four, three, two, one, time! (laughing) – It’s over, lines in.

– This isn’t going to end good is it? (laughing) – I don’t think so Lance. – Normally we give away beef jerky, Frank’s Country Meats, but hopefully I can get over to this boat fast enough before Larry gets back here and give them this game.

Because I do not want to play it in about 10 minutes. – And the beef jerky. – This time a year, coming down to the boat ramps, I like to put it in to four wheel drive, that locks the front wheels, stops you from sliding back.

Just in case the back wheels start sliding, also we have a lot of algae on the ramps, not a bad idea to put it in four wheel drive that locks all four wheels. Less chance of sliding back in to the water.

– Hey again this week’s tip was brought to you by our good friends up at Mike’s Country Meats. The finest jerky on the planet. Now Lance, Lance now how you do this. This goes down, the wide part goes in to you mouth first and both sides like that.

And then you have to read three cards. – You have to be kidding me. – No I’m not kidding you one bit. Right? – Okay. – One bit. And just so you know this was a fresh one this was in nobody else’s mouth yet.

– Like this? – [Larry] That’s the one. (laughing) – Give me the damn card. (laughing) – Okay here’s the card from me. Okay, yup so. Alright here we go Lance. – [Dan] You got to read it. – You got three cards to read.

– (inaudibly trying to read) – [Larry] You got to read it in to the camera. – I just did, (inaudible) – [Dan] It’s got two sides on it too. – No just one side, what was he saying? You got to look at the camera.

– (inaudible) (laughing) – No you got to understand that we’re. (inaudible) (laughing) – Next time I (inaudible) – Thanks for joining us this week on our show and just remember, what a great day to be alive.



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