Home Fishing Tips Innovative Tip-Down – Ice Fishing Product Review – LyubakaVideo

Innovative Tip-Down – Ice Fishing Product Review – LyubakaVideo

Innovative Tip-Down – Ice Fishing Product Review – LyubakaVideo

hey guys you’re watching LyubakaVideo and this is Lyubaka. Today I’m gonna do a review on YouTube of a pretty cool product it’s a Tip-Down Tool “The Innovative Tip-Down” That’s REALLY Cool! a little bit of of breeze sure does help so that’s all it is.

.. So that’s the stopper?! the stuff were measuring yeah just just adapt it okay Who makes these? you gotta buy them online and it’s just called innovative yeah any effectuating it I got a friend who makes just those old school the board that you put the culture that works kooky they say you put split shots in here okay now I sent out inside two balances depending on how much weight you’re using a governmental on stuff so that it sets the size fourteen food yeah exactly just give the tips guide and this is like a free school it is yes there’s nice brooch ink you know just a split shut you get the same size that I have on down here just like this so it comes back nice and slow with the stick they go away real good though you know that the rod goes inside okay and it closes all up real nice also it doesn’t get the tip down makes ice-fishing easy enjoyable and extremely productive the innovative tip down is the most professional ice fishing system on the market it’s built for durability ease of use and will help you catch more fish innovative tip downs operate by weight balancing the upper inner tube supports the rod in the 45-degree upward angle when a fish takes the bait the rod simply tips down straight toward the hole letting you know that officious on while allowing the fish to take out line once you set the hook the fish is retrieved in a handover and fashion such a technique offers zero resistance to the fish and let you know precisely when the fish takes the bait unlike conventional tip ups tecton’s produce more fish simply because there is no resistance when the fish drives the bait they simply took tow as opposed to chirping a flag first on traditional tip-up systems the force required to fire a mechanism that trips the flag often causes fish to drop the bait if you’re ready to catch more fish on the ice the innovative tip down is what you need by now it doesn’t sound right you’re gonna use my hope good job thank you remember to subscribe the bucket video is also on instagram follow us there Bulgarian alien on Twitter and the bucket TV on Facebook have a good time fishing be safe out there try to stay warm remember there’s no such thing as rule when it comes to fishing everything is experimenting everything is luck so it fun out there ok thank you guys


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