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Ice Fishing Walleye and Crappie in Minnesota

Ice Fishing Walleye and Crappie in Minnesota

(upbeat music) – Alright team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water ♪ – We eat, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ ♪ Where the breathing is easy, the living is good ♪ – And welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors.

Today’s program is brought to you by the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, Big Snow Resort, Wings Over Wisconsin, Mike’s Country Meats, Midwest Shooters Supply, Burgers’ Smokehouse, Dowco, Vexilar, the GILL-O-TINE, by Rut-fin, Carsten, Dick Smith’s Bait & Tackle, Komelon measuring tools, Kmiec Law Firm, Norm’s Ag and Jiffy.

And remember, it’s a great day to be alive. Holy moly. (upbeat music) Hey, I’ll tell you what, good morning and welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. Yes, we finally are on some ice ourselves. And you know what, we had to travel a little bit.

We left at about two o’clock this morning. Hey, and I’ll tell you what, we’re with Justin from Wheezy Outdoors. And I’ll tell you what Justin, sorry buddy, I know we were supposed to be here at eight, and it’s 10 o’clock now.

But you know, I’ll tell you what, I didn’t expect to run into all the snow that we ran into on the road. – That stuff just came last night. We got about three inches of fresh powder. And it’s a little windy out here, chilly, but we got a cold snap coming tomorrow.

And it’s gonna be a good bite. – So the fishing should really be good. Hey, tell everybody about what we’re gonna be doing and tell ’em what your guide service is. You know I’ll tell you what, all fall I was watching all the pictures of all the bear that you guys were getting on your guide, your bear hunting guide service.

– Yeah, and we had an excellent season on bear. We had eight the first day, and out of 12 hunters, 10 of ’em got a bear. – That’s pretty darn good, I’ll tell ya that. There’s no complaint on that. Hey, you know what’s a little bit weird here, is that you know normally when we film with ya, there’s a beautiful lady here.

– [Justin] Oh yeah, she’s at sales training this week. – She needs training for sales? I’ll tell you what, she should be the one training the other sales people, because you know more than anything, she never shuts up.

She’s like a talking machine. So yeah, all the pressure’s on you today because right, or like you’re saying, you’re gonna finally get a couple words in this time, huh? – Oh yeah. – Hey, so we’re on a lake here today.

And we’re gonna start off fishing crappies. And this is basically just a crappie blue gill that we’re gonna start with. Okay so tell everybody exactly what we’re looking for, what we’re doing here, so if they wanna come out here and enjoy the same thing that we’re gonna experience today, so they know what they’re getting themselves into for.

– Yeah, we’re out here at just a big flat basin out here. We’re just looking for schools of fish. We drilled out lots of holes around here. We’re just going around, putting the Vexilar’s down in. If they’re stacked up we’re dropping the jigs down.

These fish are hungry, so obviously they’re just coming up and smacking it right now. – Okay. So basically are these fish, most of ’em gonna be suspended off the bottom, are they gonna be tied to the bottom, or are they gonna be all over the water column? – Three to 10 feet off the bottom right now.

And we’re in 24 feet of water. – Okay. That sounds real good. And size wise? – Right now we’re running, most of ’em we’re catching right now are a little bit smaller, but we’re looking at 11s today. – 11ish? – 10s, 11s.

– Them are nice eating crappie. And you know like in Wisconsin, most of our lakes, it’s 25 crappies you can keep or 25 pan fish in total. What is the limit on a body of water like this? – So we’re at 10 fish here.

– Oh I love that you’re that. 10 is more than enough. You know what, when you have a limit of 10 it makes you a little bit different as far as the way you look at what you keep. You kinda wanna be a bit more selective, right? – Yeah, and that keeps our fish populations going good.

We get some bigger fish that way. – Okay. Hey, I’ll tell you what, you know what? I can’t believe you’re actually not too bad on camera without your wife standing right here. Hey, I’ll tell ya, stay tuned.

Let’s see what happens today, up here in Minnesota, fishing crappies to start it off, and if we get enough time, we might do what? Tell everybody at home. – We might be after some walleyes in shallow water on a duck pond.

– On a duck pond? – On a duck pond. – Well that sounds good. I’ll tell you what, stayed tuned. Let’s see what happens up here in Minnesota this week. (upbeat music) – [Man] On Larry Smith Outdoors. – Oh, that’s right.

On Larry Smith Outdoors. Hey, stay tuned let’s see what happens this week on Larry Smith Outdoors. You know what Dan, what would I do with you? You know it? Maybe it’s that getting an hour and a half of sleep and driving, you know, how many miles did we drive? – [Dan] Ah, about 300 something.

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Visit us online at Smokehouse.com or look us up at your local grocery store. (upbeat country music) (upbeat music) – Hey you gotta do better than that. You know, I know one thing, if Alice was here, she would have a pile of big ones here.

You know that. – I outfish her all the time. – That’s if she was here, she wouldn’t, you would not say that. I know that for a fact. So tell me what you’re doing. I see a lotta fish on the Vexilar here.

– They’re all suspended here. – Okay. – I’m targeting the ones that are up at the high end. – [Larry] So show us what’s your bait and show us what are fish. – [Justin] Okay, this is the bait right here.

– [Larry] And bottom is way over here? So are you saying that these are all fish too? – [Justin] Yeah these are all fish down in here. And I got my bait that’s moving right there. – [Larry] And these are fish right here too, huh? Okay.

– These are all fish in here. – [Larry] So let’s watch. Tell me when one’s coming up to your bait. I wanna see what it looks like. We’ll at least show everybody at home. – [Justin] Yep, there it comes.

– [Larry] Okay, there he is. So right on it? – [Justin] It’s following it up. – [Larry] So you just keep pulling it away from huh? – [Justin] Yep. – [Larry] You’re just teasing. Ooo! You’re teasing ’em huh? – [Justin] They’re biting kinda light.

– You know it’s amazing with a Vexilar, how it really teaches ya how to fish these fish the proper way. You can tell where they are in the water column, that’s a huge thing. And the other part is you can tell how they react to your bait.

You know if they’re not, if they’re staying stationary, they’re not moving up on it, you know you’d better change the technique that you’re using or change the color or go to bait, go to plastics. You know, again it teaches ya what you need to do to catch more fish.

(upbeat music) – [Dan] Got one Justin? – Yeah. Coming up pretty easy but. Oh there we go. – [Dan] That looks like a better one. – It’s a decent fish. It’s a 10, 11 inch fish. – [Larry] There you go Jarrid.

– There’s one. Give this one a little bit of a roller coaster ride up the hole. – [Larry] Looks good. – Not a giant, but the ones we’re looking for, perfect eating size. You know there’s a lotta small crappies in here, I can tell.

And they’re the little marks that come up but the bigger marks that kinda creep up, are the ones that I’m targeting. So with that being said I’m kinda playing keep away with the smaller marks and trying to get the creeper marks.

– That makes a lotta sense. – Yeah. – Well I’ll tell you what, you got any wax worms on you? – Yes sir I do. – Don’t give Lance any wax worms, right? ‘Cause we got a bet who catches more fish today. – [Lance] I didn’t hear that.

– What? What do you mean? What do you mean you didn’t hear it? – [Lance] What’s the bet this week? – Well the bet’s gonna be the revenge of the Speak Out game. You saw what happened last week, didn’t ya? – Well let’s see.

– [Man] Does he know about this? – Does he need to know everything? – Nice crappie up in Minnesota here. Took a nice long ride this morning. Seven hours later, putting some eaters on the ice. Gotta weed through the small ones, but, something different, fun trip.

– Hey Lance. – Yeah Dan? – [Dan] Did Larry tell ya about the bet? – Uh, you seen last week’s show, I’m not doing that bet again. – [Larry] What? What are you talking about Lance? – Yeah, I can hear him in the background.

(upbeat music) – Still on the, oh there we go. A nice eater. Nothing wrong with that. Fish. – [Larry] Houston, we have liftoff. Get ready for what’s coming. – [Dan] I don’t see him in the wind. I don’t see him complaining about the wind.

And you call yourself an outdoorsman? – You know what? I don’t see John Gillespie in the wind either. But I’m gonna be outta the wind. Hey, it’s kinda nice in here. Just a wind break. And I really don’t need it.

The only reason I’m using it is I don’t want Lance knowing how many I’m catching. Hey, you can only keep 10, so I’m being very selective. – That’ll work. Catching a lotta small ones out here today too.

But one out of every five is a nice eater. We’ll take it. You see we’re out here in the elements. You zoom back there a ways, you’ll see where Smith is at. – Fish got kinda of picky, so dead stick has been working for me.

There you go. Still not giants, but you know what, that’s the most respectable eating fish that a guy can take home for table fare. Honestly you wanna let the biggest ones go and the smaller ones go. That’s the perfect eating size, palette for me anyway.

So yeah, back to more dead sticking, I suppose. Seems to be working anyway. (laughing) – Lightening. All I needed was for you to come around. And that’s the first time I seen you in that shelter all day today.

– I see that thing. You see me out here for about 10 minutes, figured I’d see what’s going on. – Well I’ll tell you what Lance, you know what, you gave me that bait and I was used to having that tungsten on there and I was pretty much struggling with that.

But now I think I might have it down. But you know I was moving around from hole to hole, and I just, this is about the 7th, 8th hole I came to. And I saw quite a few fish, but these fish in this spot are a little bit more aggressive.

– More aggressive? – Yeah, a little bit. – Coming up and smacking it, huh? – Yep. – Good deal. – [Justin] About another half hour, try for some of them walleyes. – [Larry] Walleye? Walleye? I love the sound of that.

– Hammered gold. – Is there any hammered gold in Minnesota? Hey I’ll tell you what Justin, we got plenty of crappies, we caught a bazillion small ones. You know what, I did not have the hot hand this morning at all.

You guys, you guys really cleaned house on me. – Oh yeah. – You know, that’s plenty of crappies to keep for a meal. Let’s go and see if we can tackle some walleyes. So we got what? About three, four hours before it’s gets dark? – [Justin] Yeah, about three hours before dark, yeah.

– You know we might wanna leave Lance here because I don’t think he’d wanna go catch any walleyes. He’d probably rather just stay here and catch a few more crappie. But we can always come back down the road and pick him up.

– There you go, that works. Hey, stay tuned. Let’s see what happens next on Larry Smith Outdoors. Gonna go try a little bit of walleye fishing when we’re still here in Minnesota. Hey Lance! Lance! Oh, not saying anything.

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It’s a propane auger and I’ll tell you with the new transmission in it, it’s effortless the way it cuts. Check it out. You got a good one going guys? – Yep. – Boy we just put that down there. There’s a chub under, a big chub under.

– There you. – Nice! (cheering) – That is absolutely awesome. I’ll tell you what, you were right, 100% you guys. You know what, we caught plenty of crappies, so we decided to come over to another lake and I’ll tell you what, I got two really good guides with me today.

I’ll tell ya, love that. Look how beautiful that fish is. And I can’t believe, you told me to put that big chub on there, I put that chub on there, I’ve got just a tiny little gold treble hook on there.

– [Justin] Yeah, and that’s our average size fish in this fishery right here. – Wow. Now what’s the size limit on this lake? Is there a size limit? – [Justin] There is no lot or nothing on this one. – Okay.

– [Man] He’s a 24 incher. (cheering) – That is a nice fish. – [Jarrid] Nice, easy release on him too. Look at that, just through the corner, perfect. – Alright, back down the hole. – [Justin] Send her back down.

Thanks for the ride buddy. – Whoo. I’ll go get you another chub to put on there. Just that tiny, little gold treble hook on there. And it’s down. – [Jarrid] Nice job. – Hey, we just got here. We haven’t even been here probably 15 minutes.

We don’t even have all the tip ups in. And I don’t even, I got the grill going. I’m starving. I’m gonna go cook us some Burgers’ Smokehouse, the products I got a surprise for these guys. They’re gonna love this.

– [Dan] Lance, you’re always the cook. – Yeah. – He is. He is the chef. He’s the winter chef. – That time of year. – Yep. – You know, some day we should have a winter chef cookoff. And I know another guy, I think his name is Shotgun Schaffer.

– [Lance] And the loser has to play a spell out. – No, Speak Out. – Speak Out. I’m not putting a damn one of them things in my mouth again. – Wow, what happens if you can’t out cook him? – I can out cook ’em.

I’ll get the judges. (laughing) – [Larry] Well you’re doing a pretty good job today, I’ll tell ya that Lance. – [Lance] Chop chop. – [Larry] Oh look at those grill marks. – [Man] Oh that’s pretty. – [Lance] Burgers’ ribs.

– [Larry] Boys we are gonna be eating like kings. – Holy moly. Rocky. – This is fishing right here. Ice fishing at its finest. – [Man] Come on you guys. – I just put that chub on there. Remember I got that real tiny treble hook on there too.

– There we go. – Got him? Good job. Walleye or perch? – [Justin] A little bigger than a perch. Not sure. Oh walleye, get him! – Whoa, nice save! That was an absolutely awesome save. Wow, it’s a good thing you got that heater going in that clam shack there, I’ll tell you that.

Wow. Let that one go. And I just put that chub on there. Or a sucker on there. Wow, nice save. I’ll go get you a bait again. – Chubs! Whoo! (men groaning) (laughing) – That’s a good fish, huh? Better’n the last one, I hope.

– [Jarrid] Maybe. That’s a walleye. – [Larry] It is a walleye, huh? Now you just caught that small pike and you didn’t even. – Oh! Hold on. There we go. – [Larry] You just caught that small pike. And you just went to set that minnow back in there.

It’s gotta be a little better walleye, huh? – [Jarrid] Yes, a nice one. If you’ll go ahead and take that line a little bit. Yep. – [Man] Fighting pretty good. – Here we go. – There you go. Hold that up.

– Hey, there we go. – Oh, I like the colors on that fish. – What a nice, beautiful, gold northern Minnesota walleye there. (Larry laughing) – [Man] Lively one. – He is. – [Man] Do they come outta the shallow water, I mean you can’t blame ’em.

– No, I know it is amazing. Again, there’s only two feet of water underneath the ice here and how these fish are just stacked up in here. – And they don’t come in real nosing it. It seems like they’re, like I said I was just setting it back down there and just there it was, gone.

(group laughing) – What a great way to end the day. You know catching a pile of crappies all day long. You know ‘course we got here late too, because of the weather. We didn’t get to you guys ’til probably 10:30 in the morning.

So yeah, I mean this is pretty nice. I mean and this is our first ice fishing trip of the year that we’ve been on. I mean we’ve had so much wind at home that we haven’t gotten anything to freeze up real good until the last couple days.

– Yeah baby. I had a lotta fun with you guys. – Hey I’ll tell you what, I’ll go get you another minnow. – Oh, alright, cool. – Hey, and you know what? Another thing, you know why I’m gonna go get you another minnow? – Because I need another one? – No, well that’s one thing, but the other thing is, that your wife made absolutely awesome Christmas cookies.

– Oh well thank you, she’ll be pleasant to hear that. – I love them Christmas cookies. – Thank you, thank you. – Now what do you got? – About to find out here. – [Both] Whoo! – What do you got on that one for bait? – Ah, I got a, I think put a fathead on this one.

– Come on, let’s see a big perch. Why do I smell hair burning? Right? Do I smell hair burning? – [Man] It’s the hot box there. – [Larry] Right. (laughs) – There we go. – Oh there we go. Hey, we gotta hold that one up.

What a, again, what an awesome way to end a day. Our first day on the ice, actually shooting the show today and crappie catching all morning long and now it’s been walleyes and pike and perch. Not too shabby.

– No, it’s a great day. – Hey, you know what’s really, it’s a shame that Alice had to work today, you know? I mean you actually got to say a few words this time. – She missed out on a good one. – She did.

(laughing) Nice job. – [Man] Come on Larry! – I didn’t wanna be left out there alone. (men laughing) – Are you okay? – [Man] You made it. (man speaks off mic) – Oh I’m fine. (men laughing) It’s a good thing I’m still a young guy.

That was awesome. Hey I’ll tell you what Justin, we had just an absolutely awesome time. You put us on great crappies, came out here this afternoon, we caught a buncha walleyes, caught some pike, just an incredible day.

You know what, just like last time we fished with you and Alice, we had a great time. And Eric, you know what, thank you. – Hey, thank you. – And I’ll tell you what, we will be back to fish with you real soon.

And we’re not gonna tell everybody what we’re gonna be doing. Lance, always a pleasure. – Good time Larry, – Right there. – A good time. – And hey, you know what? Since we had such a great time with ya, and I’ll tell ya, I got a special treat for ya.

Here is a gift package from our good friends over at Mike’s Country Meats. Look at that you guys. You can take that home with ya, and enjoy it for the holidays. Now anybody that wants, they can order these.

All they gotta do is call Mike’s Country Meats up in Tigerton, or go online and order. But that is, there’s some sweet stuff in there. – Well that’s gonna be hidden. – I’m gonna give this to you. Right? And I’ll tell you what, I got one more thing.

You know what? We had some of the finest fishing here in Minnesota, but guess what? I’ve got something from you, the finest thing that comes out of Wisconsin, it’s called, guess what? The Badger Sportsman Magazine.

It’s the finest magazine in Wisconsin. And I’m gonna give each one of ya, I’ll give you one of them, give you one of them. – Thank you. – And you one of them. – Thank you sir. You know what? Again, what a great day.

And you know all I can really say to end this day, what a great day to be alive. Hey, if anybody wants to get ahold of ya Justin, how can they do it? – They can go on WheezyOutdoors.com or look us up and actually phone number is 218-402-0086.

And we’ll be happy to take ya. – Hey, make sure everybody checks our new website out and all of our social media avenues. And again, remember, what a great day to be alive. (man babbling) – Larry, speak up a little bit.

I can’t quite hear you. You lost the bet, now. – Hey, I don’t think it’s very fair that I gotta read the whole Badger Sportsman Magazine and you lost, you only had to read three lines. And I gotta read the whole magazine.

– [Lance] Quit your whining and start reading the magazine. – Oh come on. Ay yi yi. Interesting. (babbling) – This is gonna be a long ride home. Might relieve him of that bet shortly. (Larry babbling)


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