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Ice Fishing for Walleye – She catches 64 FISH on this one Minnesota Lake!

Ice Fishing for Walleye – She catches 64 FISH on this one Minnesota Lake!

so it’s just me fishing right upper red lake right now Matt is actually working in Wisconsin and check it out there’s four holes I don’t need four holes it’s not legal these four lines you guys have probably seen in the news you know people drowned it’s been really warm up here but we are on the north end and it’s totally fine it’s just the south end the wind picked up and kind of ripped up that ice sheet it’s a beautiful day it’s like 35 degrees sun is shining we are just setting a dead stick with a fat head that we kept in our homemade alive well all week I got it I hope you guys see this I got it I got it so guys we’re on the board with one walleye that’ll be one of a 64 walleye we caught that day so the hardest part about fishing alone is actually the fact that I have to video myself so I’m gonna put the GoPro on my hat so I can really get that shot when I pull fish up so yeah it’s only about 13 inches so i’m gonna throw him run back.

hopefully we will catch a bunch more that are bigger and he came after that quick like that’s a lot different than last weekend when they were so finicky this thing was like boom on it so I’m pretty excited got 2.

ones got the dead stick and ones coming up after my line I’m gonna get two at the same time guys where I felt the need to chuck that walleye to Timbuktu I will never know your guess as good as mine but it made for a great reversal so we are killing it on Red Lake guys we are slaughtering the fish I’ve already threw back 4 and I’m keeping three so far just because they’re over 16 inches and that’s kind of what our goal is for food at this point.

I think we’re gonna be doing a lot we catching them I’ve actually been setting the dead stick while they hit like I’m not really trying to fish at that moment I’m just tying the dead stick setup and boom there is a fish.

so what I do a lot of people don’t like this but, I, personally am just using a small green spoon and I’m setting it through the back and this is a dead stick so it’s just gonna sit there and let it swim you know I have the bobber on so I can watch it but I’ve been getting them when I drop this down there’s one right down there right now on got you on right now I’ve got you on if you liked this video please subscribe and share on social media I’ll be back next week with a new video


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