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HUGE Sturgeon Bay Walleyes

HUGE Sturgeon Bay Walleyes

– All right team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water ♪ – [Voiceover] We eat, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathing is easy ♪ The living is good ♪ – [Voiceover] All you can do is just laugh.

♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – [Voiceover] Larry Smith Outdoors is brought to you in part by Warrior Boats, the Badger Sportsman, Big Snow Resort, Wilderness North Lodge, Jiffy, Hard and Soft Fishing, Bartlein Barrels, Cold Snap, Deep Freeze, Otter, Kmiec law firm, Lynch in Mukwonago, and Wings over Wisconsin.

And remember, it’s a great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – Holy moly. (light guitar music) – You know, this is the thing about filming TV shows, guiding, you gotta fish in all different kind of conditions, and that’s what makes you a really good fisherman.

So we’re gonna go out here, we’ve got a strong north wind, little bit pissed out of the east, I wish it was more east, but we’re gonna go out here and see what happens out on the bay of Green Bay, and hopefully we’ll catch some big walleyes.

(light guitar music) Hey this week on Larry Smith Outdoors, we’re up in Sturgeon bay and boy I’ll tell you I very seldom get a chance to come over this side of the bay and I know that you guys got some tremendous fishing.

Actually probably some of the best fishing in the state for walleye and small mouth big pike, and a lot of great salmon fishing comes from over here. Hey Lonnie, you know what, tell us what we’re gonna be doing today.

– You know today we’re gonna start out trolling these shore lines, working shoreline breaks, it’s rough out. And we’re gonna try to locate some fish. Rip jigging’s gonna be a little tough with how rough it is and has been, so we’ll start trolling and then we’ll start up with some rip jigging, or we’ll end up with some rip jigging or trying to do that if it lays down, if this wind lays down.

– That sounds great. You know, what station of the game are these fish in? Are most of them, are we in between? Are they spawning still? Some fish are spawned, some are spawned, what stage is it. – We’re above, I would say, just about to the tail end of the spawn, or right I wouldn’t say middle, we’re past, we’re over the hump.

A lot of these fish are spawned, we’re finding a couple that are still spawn, with spawn in them, but I would say it’s just about over. – Okay, you know, and it’s always funny that on this side of the bay here, the fish actually spawn later than the western side of the bay, because of the rivers and tributaries coming in and out, all that warm water, lot shallower, our bay’s, you know, we have a lot of shallow water over there.

So it’s kind of nice for guys once that white slows down over there, and they can come over to this side and when guys are looking to catch, people are looking to catch a big walleye, you’re the guy to contact.

And get them on some big fish. And you always have big fish on this side of the system. – Sturgeon bay is tremendous. I mean Green Bay as a whole is unbelievable fishery. I guess (mumbles) wants to be here.

I love fishing up here, in the summer you’ve got the small mouth, the walleye, spring’s incredible as well. – Hey, it’s a really special day because we got our good friend Barb Gary, yeah, Barbie! You know what, every time I fish with her, it’s usually a pretty lucky day, so you know what, we can start calling her lucky Barb.

– My goal is to get one rip jigging, ’cause I’ve been trolling out here for a couple of years but I haven’t gotten one rip jigging yet. So that’s my goal for today. – Well there’s a lot of pressure on Lonnie, then we’ll see what kind of a guide he is today.

– Yeah, I don’t know, we’re gonna give her hell and see what happens. – All right, well stay tuned, let’s see what happens today, out here on Sturgeon Bay and you know what, hopefully that wind dies down a little bit.

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– That’s a Kalin’s Wac-O. – [Voiceover] Our premium line of Kalin jig heads, oh, and our original Kalin’s grub still does a pretty good job, too. – Look at that Kalin’s in her mouth right there. – There we go, Barb, all right.

Just got out here, we’re fishing off of Sturgeon Bay today. Just got the port line (mumbles). And I don’t think it’s a walleye, Barb. Woo! I’m not used to netting (mumbles) – That’s a firecracker. – [Larry] That’s a nice fish.

– These are beautiful. – I’ll try to do a better job of netting this one, Barb. – Keep him on Barb. Keep him on Barb. – [Barb] I’m trying to keep me on the boat. – [Lonnie] I got ya. – [Larry] Walleye! – Nice, this is Green Bay right here.

– Green Bay walleyes. You know, the nice part of fishing out here, Lonnie promised me, after we find like the big mother lode, the big pod, we’re gonna stop and jig fish them, right Lonnie? – [Lonnie] Oh yeah, we’re gonna do some rip jigging.

– Hey Lonnie, why do you have drift socks off each side of the boat here, you know? – Yeah, you know when it’s rough out like this, fishing in these three to four footers, Larry, it’s nice to have boat control.

And I’ve got the (mumbles) down in the front and we’ve got the stern kicker motor going, the surge is doing two and a half to three miles an hour, so I like to control the boatspeed with the drift socks out.

We can be right in that zone there for that one seven to one nine where we want to be in terms of speed, miles per hour. – Right, and you don’t just put one drift sock off because it would pull the boat that direction, right.

You got two out to even the boat out, and that’s a huge thing, huh, taking that surge out of the baits? – [Lonnie] Yeah, exactly, so you know you’ve got a drift sock on each side, takes that surge out and you can control your boat with your speed, can be right in that speed you want to be with for these walleyes.

– You know, most of the time, Lonnie, fishermen are exaggerators. And I think you were exaggerating a little bit before when you said these waves were two to three footer. I think before they were like four to seven footers, right? So most of the time we exaggerate, in the other, – Yeah, I try, everyone BS’s a little bit, but I always try to be, I always try to be as honest as possible.

We were two to three, maybe a four or five, maybe a seven. – You know, there’s a key when you’re fishing big water, when it comes to trolling you know, is boat control is everything and when you’re, you would agree right, when it comes to trolling that you’ve gotta, the big thing is that especially when you get them big swells that you’ve gotta get into the trough, but yet keep the boat control.

Is by putting them drift socks out, as soon as you did that, I was watching what you were doing, I was watching the speed on the locator, and it was amazing how they took that surge out of there. – Yeah, it worked really good, like I say, get you dialed right into your speed.

And you know, it keeps you out fishing, otherwise you’re in them surges and that makes a difference between catching fish and not catching fish. – We like to catch fish. – We like to catch fish. – Hey we got two nice walleyes going here.

The sun’s out, the fish are biting. – [Lonnie] Get ’em Larry! (laughter) – Nice job, that’s a nice fish. Woo! Let’s clear this one and get the next one, Barb. If it’s bigger than yours, I’ll cut his line.

– Nice work Larry. – Nice job you guys. – That’s a nice pair of walleye, though. – I think they’re cookie cutter. – I’ll tell you, you know what we’re doing is basically trolling off the shorelines here, pulling different types of (mumbles) and it’s a great way to locate fish, too.

So were we to go jig fishing. – Yeah, we’ll get all rip jigging. It’s all good, Larry hates trolling, but sometimes you’ve gotta do it. – No I don’t hate trolling, I think trolling’s a great way, but I’m a jigger.

But boy, when you pull fish like this, you can troll all day long. Nice job. (piano music) (symphony music) – Patrick, what are you doing out here? – Mark, I’m going fishing this weekend but with this massive selection of trucks, I can’t figure out which one to take.

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Beginning with the all new XTH hub shelters, and the all new light weight one-man XT Hideout. On up to the ever popular XT and XT Pro series shelters that have earned a near-legendary reputation for unmatched toughness and durability.

At Otter, we know stopping at good enough is way over rated. This ice season, see for yourself how the best just keep getting better. – I was getting warm there, I’ll tell you that. Boy I tell you, I just started popping that jerk shaft.

– [Lonnie] Oh, I’ve got one. – It’s a nice fish, Lonnie. – [Lonnie] Ooh, yeah, it’s a big one. – [Larry] It’s a big one, a big fish. Nice fish, Lonnie, nice job. I tell you, you know what, boy. You know it’s a whole different story when you’re fishing in these rough conditions, Lonnie, just to try to keep your balance.

And so I’m kind of laying on the floor right here, trying to keep my, keep the line down. The problem is when you start snap jigging out here, you guys, is you really gotta watch the line, you gotta keep that line straight when it’s coming in.

So you’re always angling your rod to the angle of where the wind is, and for me, getting down on the floor like this really makes a big difference. So yeah, I was getting hot there, I’ll tell you. Before it was a little chilly, but you know the trolling part is absolutely awesome and we were catching them trolling, and that was a good way to locate these fish.

Now what we did is Lonnie decided that hey, let’s go back up there, and let’s start rip jigging with ripping raps, and use some plastics and boy it didn’t take us five, 10 minutes, and there’s a nice fish.

Hey Lonnie, I can’t believe that you discovered this type of fishing. I love rip jigging with Lonnie! Love it. Lonnie, got one? – Got one, boss. – [Larry] All right, excellent! There he is. It’s a nice fish, I see him.

Nice fish, Lonnie. Aw! Did you see that horrible net job? Give me another shot. There, a little better. If I would have lost that fish, you know how big he is? He’s a lot bigger than I am. Look at that Sturgeon Bay walleyes.

Excellent. – Just love it up here, I love it. – [Larry] Beautiful. – You hit me on the back, almost fell in. Nice, ooh! (yelling and cheering) – [Barb] I’m hooked on this. – You’re hooked, this is the way to do it, I’m telling you, girl.

This is the way to do it. Nice job, Lonnie. Feel like a pretty decent fish? I tell you Lonnie, you’ve really got this rip jigging dialed in out here. Nice fish, Oh yeah. Look at that, that’s got some length to it.

– [Lonnie] Woo hoo! – Nice fish, very nice fish. I love the color on these fish up in this part of the bay, too. – They’re pretty dark up here. – Yup. – He just smoked it, Larry. – Got a double, boy we’re on them now like crazy.

I love this Sturgeon Bay fishing. – Barb’s gonna be busy, she’s gonna have to dump them. – Who’s first? – I don’t know, Larry’s closer, Larry’s closer. Here you, Barb, he’s barely hooked. Go get Larry’s.

– [Larry] I’ll get him, I’ll get him, you guys are good. Hey, we had a double going and it’s so rough out there, the boats still bouncing around Barb was nice enough to net yours ’cause yours was first, and I’ll tell you what, I just decided to grab mine.

I’ll tell you Lonnie (whoops) I love this fishing. – They’re starting to go now. – We had a ball when we came up here this winter with ya, and were fishing white fish and big walleyes. And boy, I’ll tell ya, I don’t fish over here too much on this end of the lake, but this is a tremendous fishery here.

What a fantastic way to spend the day. All right. Hey Lonnie, great job, let’s get back and catch some more. – Should we release these? – Yeah, let’s let these go. Here we go, boy I tell you, this fishing is absolutely getting to be, I mean the sun came out, the water warmed up a little bit, and it’s been fish after fish now.

And I’ll tell ya, boy it’s amazing the amount of fish and the size of these fish that are coming off this end here I’ll tell ya. This is a typical, look at that fish, there’s a 10 pound fish right there.

Yeah. And I’ll tell ya, when you look at the size of these fish that are coming off of this Sturgeon Bay area, I mean, there’s a fish that’s probably close to 30 inches right there. And look at that, oh yeah, that’s a 30 incher, for sure.

And that is, you know, that is what it’s all about here up in Sturgeon Bay. You know, trophy fish guide service, is that what you call it? – Green Bay Trophy Fishing. – [Larry] I can understand why you call it Green Bay Trophy Fishing, because that is absolutely fantastic.

And boy, I’ll tell you when you can come up to an area, there’s not too many places that you can consistently come and catch walleyes of this magnitude, and I’ll tell you Door County is definitely one of them areas that you can do that in.

That is an awesome fish right there. She says I’m outta here, see ya! – Shotgun Steve Schafer in the kitchen today, we are making walleye crab cakes, or walleye cakes, I should say. First of all, I have to season them up.

I gotta get the walleyes in the oven, for about five, six minutes, you have to cook the walleyes first. Salt, pepper, and a nice white wine over them. And you’ve gotta cook the walleye first, pull them out, cool them down, and then break them up into crab cakes.

So I’m gonna start with the walleyes first. Once again, I’m gonna put my buddy’s nice homemade white wine over the top of it. This is gonna go in the oven, 350 for like I say, six, seven, eight minutes til it turns real white.

Then I gotta let it cool down. Walleye going in. Once again, on the top shelf. Spread them out a little bit, get them to go. Come back in about six, seven, eight minutes, see how they look. Okay, that’s perfect, see how it’s real white? You wanna cook it this far, and you gotta let it cool.

Take it off the pan, cool it, so that way when, that way when you break it up into the bread crumbs, it doesn’t cook your egg and stuff. So I’ll have to pull this off. Oh, that’s pretty, see how that’s breaking up? All right guys, the fish has cooled off.

I have cut up red bell pepper, panko italian seasoning, celery finely chopped, red onion. Put your fish in here, don’t break it up ’til you have everything in the bowl, because you want to keep it in pretty good clumps.

This is the probably about, oh this was, two decent walleyes right there. Once again, it’s up to your taste how much you want in there. Break your egg up a little bit. Break in an opposite bowl, my wife just reminded me that because you don’t want the shells in there, just in case.

You don’t want to wreck your recipe. Dijon mustard, couple good squirts of dijon. Parsley flakes, everything is too your taste, folks. Once again, oh, all the stuff is on the website, for the recipes.

Little salt, little fresh ground pepper. Now this is the fun part. Get your hands in there. Mix it up. All right, let’s put the crab cakes in the frying pan, got a little bit of olive oil in there. All right folks, let’s plate this.

Walleye cakes coming out. I made a little dressing to go with it. Hellman’s, ranch, sriracha, even parts, couple squirts of sriracha. Put that right over the top. Looks good. That’s very good. Surprised it turned out that good.

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com today. (dramatic music) (light guitar music) – [Lonnie] Larry’s hooked up, Larry’s hooked up. – Guys, holy man, I’ll tell you, it’s fish after fish. This is unbelievable. Ooh, nice fish. Boy is that fish a dark one, Lonnie.

Man oh man, you know, on our side of the lake, we don’t, woo hoo, yeah! Gotta love that, I’ll tell you another great walleye. I switched from the Kalin’s and I was doing good on that, and I just, Barb had a rod sitting there, so I wanted to see how I could do on this this blade beater, ripping rap, and boy, I’ll tell ya.

Absolutely, look at that. Look at how dark that fish is, too. – [Lonnie] That’s a nice fish, Larry. – That fish is absolutely dark. – [Lonnie] All spawned out. – Yeah, look at that. They don’t look as big when their bellies aren’t plump, but I’ll tell ya, that’s a nice fish, 22, 23 incher, not as big as that 30 in the last one.

Boy, I’ll tell ya, I’m just working that bait a little bit slower and they’re just absolutely annihilating this. What a great way to spend the day, I can’t think of anything better. Outta here. Here we go.

I got it Barb, you know what? I got another one. All righty, yeah! Man, oh man. Gotta love this, I’ll tell you that. Boy, this is another good fish, Barb, feels real good. (mumbles) Nice job, woohoo! Did you see that Barb? As soon as you touched that fish, (mumbles) Look at that, holy moly! These fish, look how pretty these fish are in the build of them.

And I’ll tell ya, when you can catch these fish jigging like this, holy cats, the trolling’s awesome to locate them, but once you locate them like you did, Lonnie, that was a great idea. Putting them boards on, saying let’s cover, you got so much shoreline out here, you guys, and the way to really eliminate it is to throw out your boards, put your cranks on and troll like Lonnie did, and once we had a double and then we caught another one right away, so we marked it in on the GPS, and I’ll tell you, this has absolutely been awesome.

– They are rockin’ now. – They are rockin’. Let’s let this big girl go. – Get another one here. – [Larry] Outta here. – Boy this is fun. – Nice job, Barb. – They just swam here. – They do, that’s absolutely awesome.

Boy I’ll tell you. You must have got that one right away when it landed. Nice fish, feel good? – Not as big as yours. – Thing is, I’m bumping it up, Barb. Ooh, it’s a nice fish, Barb, real nice fish. – [Lonnie] Oh my god, yeah.

– [Larry] Nice job! Gotta love it. You know, Barb, tell us a little bit real quick about what you do. I mean you are all about getting more women involved in the outdoors. And I know you do an absolutely fantastic job and you can understand why it’s so important to get more people, and especially women out here because it’s such a healthy environment, wouldn’t you agree? – Well I tell ya, you know, I have women who five years ago would have never dreamed they would be fishing the bay of Green Bay.

And now they’re out here trolling, they’re really good, and I tell ya, thanks to Lonnie, our next lesson is gonna be snap jigging, because you’re gonna come here next time, Lonnie and you’re gonna see about six women out here, snap jigging, taking all your fish.

– [Lonnie] That’s all right, right on. – I really appreciate it, you know. And learning here from you guys, I mean, what a great resource, now I can, I’m hooked for this. – Nice job, girl. – I’ll tell you what, I’ve gotta admit, it’s great having you in the boat today.

I love it man. I’m even the guide up here and I’m still learning. – Right, you know what, you’re always learning and that’s the great part about our new show is that we’re trying to teach people and educate people and we learn a lot of things from like you and Barb, and other people that we fish with, that’s the very exciting thing about this outdoors you know, show that we have.

It’s all about learning, educating people and having fun, that’s what it’s about. (light guitar music) Hey Lonnie, as you can see, you’ve really showed us a great time up here in Sturgeon Bay and we really appreciate it.

And I’ll tell you something, I’m really looking forward to the future fishing with you, over and over up here and all the other bites that you have you’ve got going up here. And Barb, you know what, it’s always very special to be able to fish with you.

Thanks everybody for watching our show and we really appreciate it. And just remember, it was a great day to be alive. You yell at everybody else for not holding the fish up long enough, you haven’t said anything to Barb! – [Lonnie] You’d better start hollering at her! – What do you discriminate against women? Start yelling at me! – [Voiceover] Hey, you’re looking a little hungry.

– I am. – [Voiceover] I got something for ya. Driving the Ranger, what the hell would Warrior say? (laughter) – [Larry] That’s what they would say.


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