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How to set the hook- Daiwa Tech Tips

How to set the hook- Daiwa Tech Tips

(intro music) – Good day, I’m Justin Duggan from Sydney Fly Fishing Tours. I’m a Lure and Fly Specialist, and I’m also on the Dial A Pro Team. I wanted to give ya a tip today about chasing fish with hard mouths on lures, especially, in my mind is the jewfish, which we chase a lot.

We need to understand when we’re chasing a hard mouth fish like jewfish, that to drive that hook into their mouth, takes a fair bit of effort. And what I see a lot of anglers do, is they work the lure, and leave the rod tip up high at an angle.

You see, there’s a problem there. When the rod’s up high, if you need to strike when that fish bites, the tip of the rod is what’s setting the hook. It’s the weakest, softest part of the rod. You probably are only putting about 20 or 30 grams of pressure on the other end, when you set the hook with such a high rod.

Instead, I’m a big advocate for working my lure, and then flattening the rod out. Now I’ve still got plenty of space between the tip and the water, to watch my slack and look for bites, but now, if that jewfish bites, I can now wind and lift at the same time.

The load is gonna be much further down on the rod when I set that hook. And that’s really critical when you’re talking about hard mouth fish like jewfish. (outro music)


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