so you’re gonna make a little instructional video on how to make your own collapsible tip up for ice fishing what I got here is some stuff from a hardware store probably cost about 25 30 bucks and some scrap plywood and some scrap pieces of wood and stuff like that so what I got here is some just some marketer Flags ones that will Bend and come back up 3/8 drill bit you don’t have one we’ve got some 3/8 bolts here got a six-inch long bolt and three and a half inch bolt got some washers to fit the bolts got a wing nut here for the end of the bolt as you can see it’s attached up here and we got a doorstop springy doorstop some two and a half inch three inch deck screws got some open-faced small hooks here as you can see they’re attached to the dowel in here we’ve got some Dowling that’s 3/8 some one by one and our plywood got a sheet of plywood and it’s the good strong actual pieces of board glued together not little chunks of wood chips all glued together so it’s fairly sturdy got a drill here and skill saw and I think that’s about all you’ll need from the from the hardware store maybe a few nuts to fit on your 3/8 bolt give it a little bit of a spacer so yeah we’ll show you how that right so here we’re going to just measure out the base quick measure measure twice cut once so we got about we got a two foot plywood here so we’re going to measure two and a half feet wide for the base and then we got our walls that said in the middle so we’re just gonna mark that out here too so we’re just gonna use six-inch or footlong pieces like we got over here on our another one so we’re just gonna do about five inches wide so we’ll Park about five and a half here on the board so what you got here is your drill in here 3/8 drill bit piece of one by one you got your platform here and the two end pieces that we’ve a little entities that we cut support in the middle so we’re going to do is lay those flat together and about half way up drill hole then you’re gonna take your one by one you’re gonna set it up roughly great in the middle but you’re gonna want to you’re gonna want to push it down about half an inch off the bottom of your piece of plywood so that one here collapsible arm is moving down and forth the bottom is not going to catch on the thing kind of cleaning that out for the three bolts of it it’s not just snug in there so now what you’re gonna want to do find Center Center so we’re going to take our piece of one by one so you want to play your one by one down and then you want to put your two support bases right here and then you’re going to take the deck screw I just kind of want to have that in there for support so you know that you’re not moving anywhere and it’s going to be right in the same spot so you’re gonna take the deck like so on an angle that you’re gonna want to hold that there do another one over here then solid then you’re gonna want to flip it around so it’s flipped around so you’re doing the same thing with the other side so you’re gonna want to take your six inch bolt we got that so we got our support down our support arm for our tip up is an inch or so off the bottom so we got lots of leeway for doing that got the wing nut here and a washer it’s going to throw that over there throw one more screw in here and make sure it’s gonna secure yeah so this is pretty secure here now as it is like that that shouldn’t go anywhere but if it does loosen up when you’re out on the water or the hard water and it’s getting loosened up we like to put a little screw right through here at the top I’m gonna happen Sherina half inch I change in the back so it doesn’t so if it’s gonna fall it’s not it’s gonna have some support here and then that also gives these a little bit more support to can’t fall back at all so to make it a little bit more nicer to put away in store and stuff and it’s only it you only need it to be this high too we just take this down like you’re gonna have it stored mark it color off so now because we need a little bit of an angle for our Dowling to sit for the weight of the Dowling on the spring we need to cut a little bit of a face off on this side so we want to cut just like that just like that on there so this is what we have already we have our thing shaved off here serve collapsible arm got our screw in here so it can’t go the other way if it ever does loosen up with this thing here when you’re on the ice these are all screwed in here got a couple more support screws in the bottom this collapses so it’s cut off right here so now what I’m gonna do I’m going to attach the Dowling to the doorstop the spring so how I’m gonna do that is I’m gonna take a smaller drill bit here 3:32 I’m just gonna do a little pilot hole in the end here and that’s just so the screw that I’m gonna put in it next isn’t going to split it so then I take the doorstop and one of my deck screws and I put that deck screw down in there give her a little couple little twists so it’s sticking out and then I take that piece of Dowling and just screw it on like that so now what I do is attach this the door stop anchor to the face of the collapsible put your doorstop in there she clicks in like that you take this little take a marker and mark out the side here one and roughly about two there and that’s for the pilot holes for these screws here then for those I’m going to take a smaller drill bit about five sixty four we can just drill right through the dowel in here just take the screw on the side that you put it in that’s just so that you don’t split that dowing and it’s a lot easier to get that in there so now I have my hooks there bigger drill bit that I had before and I’m just gonna put a little one in the top here take another little one right here only an eighth of an inch deep and then you can also do another one up here if you want so there we have the spring all attached and then once it’s done once you’re done you can take it off and this comes down store that right underneath there if you want so this is how you attach to school you’re gonna take this here you got your three six creates drill fit you’re just gonna lay it down flat take this fool that you’re gonna be using so you know that it’s going to clear then you’re just gonna spot it then you can drill that out now that you’ve got that dream though take your three and a half inch bolt 3/8 bolt shove it through there what you want to do is take a nut throw that on there so it’s in there snug just take a washer go your line here you want your line on there so it comes up and around comes up and around this side so it’s coming off of the hook coming off of the spool that way take another washer take your wingnut put that on there put this back on here take your flags put one in the hole there and you can put one in the hole up here too if you want so now you got everything put together here you got your flags here you got one here this is you don’t really need this one if you don’t want to but you got your wing nut on here to tighten that and loosen that if you want washer in a nut in there – you got your line through your hooks here with the open face on them so that you can take your line off if you need to you just take this here take the tip of it put it in this little hole that you go out here and you got your line down in your hole down here coming off of this one over here so here we have your final product got your base got your line here wingnut loosen and tighten your drag or whatever you need got your support got your arm here that moves collapses got your fish here on the end take the bite there goes your flag fish on so now that you got everything together how to take it apart you just take these things out reel your line in tighten that up on there put an elastic or out in your line hold it safe on there twist that doorstop off pull this down a little ways not just fit right underneath there even throw your flags under there if you want that comes right down like that and throw her in your ice fishing slider or your ice hot or whatever you got there and you’re ready to go you


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