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How To Improve Your Fishing – Hank Parker | Bass Fishing

How To Improve Your Fishing – Hank Parker | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks I’m Glenn May with BassResource.com and well I’m with the legend Hank Parker here at ICAST 2016 show. Hank I love your show. Hank: And I’m with the legend Glenn May and he loves my show.

Keep going. Glenn: You know I love watching your show and seeing all the guests that you have on that. It it seems like all throughout the years you’re keeping the show fresh. It’s been what, 30 years now? Hank: 32 years Glenn: 32 years.

Hank: I started when Jimmy Houston was still in his 50s. Glenn: You know there’s not very many show sitcoms or otherwise that are on the show for that many seasons, how you keep it going that long? Hank: I can’t get a job anywhere else.

Glenn: No one will hire you huh? Hank: Ya so I gotta keep doing TV, you know trying to make a nickel. Glenn: You know it’s tough to fish for a livin’ is in it? Hank: It’s a dirty dirty job. Man sometimes by thumbs get raw from catching all those fish.

Glenn: You know and so many people, they’re at work and they’re sitting there going, “Man I want to be on the water. What do I got to do?” And they can either try to watch your show. They DVR take a look at it, or.

. Hank: Quit that job and come out there and join you and I on the water. Man that job will mess you up. People ask me all time, “Give me one fishing tip that would improve my fishing.” It is without a doubt get rid of that job.

That job will mess you up. Glenn: You heard it hear from the pro man, the legend. If you want your to fishing to improve, quit your job, get on the water. Hank: The more time you’re on the water more fish are going to catch.

Glenn: Alright, thanks for watching guys.


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