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How to Fish: Tips for Gaffing Tuna

How to Fish: Tips for Gaffing Tuna

and awful lot of tuna get lost by a botched gift job and truth be told there’s no substitute for practice practice practice experience is the key to becoming a good gaffer but there are three tips I can share with you that will help you become a better gaffer faster tip number one don’t strike too soon nice and waited wait wait ready nice and easy instead be patient and wait until the fish is in a prime position tip number to aim for just behind the fish’s Gill plate nice shot this is the biggest area that’s easy to penetrate and your very best target tip number three strike the gift and swing the fish up and into the boat in one smooth motion it’s sort of like hitting a tennis ball or a golf ball the follow-through is important now if a fish is too big for this you should either be using a flying gift or you should have a second gift man ready to back you up ASAP believe me more than one big tuna has been lost right at the boat when it rolled off the initial gas shot and broke the line at the same time well folks there’s our three tips that will help you get better now get out there and practice practice practice


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