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How to Fish Falcon Lake -Tackle Set Up

How to Fish Falcon Lake  -Tackle Set Up

I Want to talk about my tackle setup. You know when I got here I was thinking I’ll probably be able to catch fish a variety of ways, and I probably could. We had a lot of wind and The square bill ended up by far outproducing any other bait We had we caught a few on a Hack Attack Heavy Cover Jig, but for the most part it was a square bill but I want to talk about my bait this baits a Strike King KVD 2.

5 and I Started when I first got here. I started with a 4.0. It’s a new bait buy Strike King It’s a little bit bigger profile. Falcon’s got a big fish. I was thinking big and I caught some on it, but I ended up liking the depth of 2.

5 runs a little bit better What happens with the square bill is when it comes through the water, It doesn’t just track like this really straight It actually comes in it kind of corrects, and it corrects and it corrects, and it corrects in it corrects And it’s always jumping it kind of jumps like that when you see it Go through the water, and that’s what triggered strikes It jumps off rocks and jumps off wood also But it also jumps on its own.

So a lot of times when a square bill You can catch them whether it’s you know you’re hitting something or you’re not hitting something My rig up here is I replace my hooks. I’ve got a number 2 owner ST36 – a great Very sharp strong treble.

I love the hooks the 2.5. And then my line set up and the line was pretty critical I’m using Sunline 16 pound Shooter fluorocarbon it’s a very Abrasion resistant fluorocarbon. It gets down through the water good because it’s a dense line it actually sinks in the water So I like cranking with fluorocarbon.

The the bites a lot of times I’d hook those fish And they’d be in that tree and I could I could just hang on I didn’t have to pull real hard and then finally They’d come free. I don’t think I ever lost one that got hooked in a tree like that.

As far as my rod goes I’m going to show you this is a tournament ZX, but the key is is that it’s a crankshaft rod It’s a composite cranking rod that’s made for cranking and it’s not a real real sensitive rod It’s a it’s a rod that when you get a bite you won’t feel the fish quite as good and you notice a lot of those fish had that bait deep down in their throat.

As far as my real ghost. I like cranking that speed bait there on six point three two one This is a Cabela’s arachnid, and so that’s my tackle setup. You know when I think about square bills I think about water color I liked it when I see the water color be clear fairly green But just a little dirtier than just really clear – where I can’t see my bait all the way in when they’re shallow, They’ll bite the heck out of it square bill cranking.

That’s a fun way to fish


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