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How To Fish Clear Water: Lucky Tackle Box Tips

How To Fish Clear Water: Lucky Tackle Box Tips

there we go there we go sup guys try to see her again with lucky tackle box and today we’re gonna break down fishing clearwater one of the most important factors to start with what approaching this technique is using a life like looking lure and live targets gizzard shad which we included in this month’s box is perfect crank bait for doing just that the set up with this is really important I start off with eight to ten pound fluorocarbon line for two reasons first the narrow diameter line gives the bait the action needed to generate those strikes and second fluorocarbon line is virtually invisible underwater which is absolutely essential when fishing these clear water situations next i pair that up on a slow to medium speed gear ratio like this dial what a tool is six point three two one lastly I pair that with castaways seven foot medium cranking rod the biggest advantage to a cranking rod is how much Bend it has if you’re using a rod that’s too stiff when that fish comes up and nips at it you’re actually gonna pull that bait right out of its mouth but having a soft rod like a cranking rod when that fish comes up and nips at it that rod gets enough give that you’re gonna end up hooking that fish second is what trouble hooks don’t often get as much cartilage as single hooks do so this fish has a higher probability of being able to split the hook so when you’re fighting that fish in and it makes its runs you want that rod to give so that fish is not able to get the leverage it needs to spit the hook so we’re talking about retrieval there’s actually three keys that I really like to emphasize the first is to make long casts and clear water obviously they can see from far away so you want to make sure that you’re getting that bait far away from you the second factor is the speed of your retrieve it’s happening is those bass actually can see this bait from the long ways off so they have more time to decide whether they actually want to eat it or not and sometimes they’ll just come up and nip at it and won’t fully commit if you’re experiencing just sort little strikes or you’re seeing vast follow in the bait a good tip is to actually speed up your retreat and real faster what this is gonna do is it’s gonna force these vas to make faster decisions they’re not gonna get to analyze whether this bait is real or not they’re gonna see it going over their head and react and this can oftentimes trigger fish that wouldn’t otherwise bit the third key is actually in the retrieve now if I just cast and reel this in the bait is just doing its little wobble and come onto the boat it looks like just kind of a normal bait an active feeding fish will have no problem coming up and hitting this but fish that aren’t or that just really aren’t actively feeding you can turn them on by giving a little bit more action to that crate bait by just giving it a couple little twitches every three or four turns of the handle you’re gonna make that bait flare and it’s gonna look like some kind of bait fish that’s wounded and those fish cannot pass up three opportunities for meals okay guys we’re talking about location it’s very important to think like a vas so the best in Clearwater has to use all the resources it can to gain that advantage over the bait fish the first one is going to be an easy example I just cover any kind of trees any kind of grass those baths are gonna hide you’re gonna wait for those bait coming by so that’s a good place for you to start the second thing is gonna be low-light situations first thing in the morning and later in the evening you’ve got lower light visibility so those baths use that to sneak up on those prey a third example is gonna be shade a clear water shade is so important whether it’s from a tree whether it’s from a dock or even if it’s where the sun’s coming up on a bank if you fish that Bank that’s that’s towards the Sun into the Sun you’re actually gonna have a little bit of shade on that Bank a little bit longer and that’s where those fish are gonna be feeding a little bit more actively for a little bit later in the day another example is that fish are gonna move a little bit deeper when you come along a bank and you know maybe it’s five foot visibility and you don’t see any fish a lot of times those bigger fish will actually be just a little bit deeper in that where that water gets a little darker and they’ll be watching up in the shallows waiting for those opportunities to come up and blast something just remember when fishing Clearwater situations there are certain steps that you can take to really maximize your time out in the water and there’s no step greater than using a realistic-looking lure today we were using live targets gizzard shad if you want to pick up that exact bait I’ll actually put a link down below in the description box over to tackle warehouse comm once again guys I’m Travis Moran with lucky tackle box if you enjoyed the video hit the thumbs up button and comment in the section 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