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How to fish a topwater frog for bass

How to fish a topwater frog for bass

that back and forth right there is what gives you the bottom because what it does it stays right over the fish’s head say he’s in that hole right there and you bring it in a hole and then you start doing that left/right action he just can’t stand it it’s like a crippled Menna frog perch on top of water that’s just what they do they don’t they don’t go nowhere they’re just worn in a circle making that left and right action and that makes that perfect the key is is when it hits the water and it goes you’ve got to let it go one way or the other then you can make it jump back and forth if you keep tight line on it it won’t do it say all the way I do it so really I really didn’t hear like this and then it turns and then you can twitch it I usually start out in the mornings with a dark version black one of the you know something that’s got a good silhouette when the Sun gets up I switch over to a wide or a shad colored version just seemed to get me more bites and they eat it a lot better I like a 7-3 medium heavy too heavy action rod I like a tip a lot of bike bonnets want so big here that tapers real quick I like a tapering rod it’s got some tip to it because you got to go throw it in accurately row cast it by like a short handle from the reel reel to the buddy and that way you can get around and cast it real easy 7 3 2 1 reel always I use braid that’s a no exception rule for me the first thing I do always I’ll roll these legs around here and I start by trimming them at the same length as the eyelet just like that and then I take the other leg and I take about an inch off and I usually go to the art the dot that’s just to my scenario there and I cut them off and that basically lets you have one leg shorter than the other and by about a half inch to an inch and then I tie a loop knot and what that’s going to do is the loop knot gives you slack and these legs make it be counter balanced so it let gives you that left-right action and it lets you have a lot more action on your frogs a lot easier


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