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How To Fish a Soft Hackle | Learn To Fly Fish

How To Fish a Soft Hackle | Learn To Fly Fish

welcome to the first episode of Rio’s how-to videos this one we’re going to look at how to fish a soft tackle on a river and I’ve chosen this one because it’s probably one of the easiest ways of fishing in a river you don’t have to cast well you don’t have to pay attention and you can catch fish good way of starting it’s also a lot of fun and it’s also quite tactical when you get into it and technical when you get into it so there’s a lot of reasons to fish it soft hackles are just small flies with soft little hackles and little bodies and and they assimilate emerges and they simulate nymphs and they can simulate drowned insects and the large ones can assimilate fry so they simulate a lot of things that are under the surface film so soft tackles are eaten perfectly by fish well worth fishing and that’s why we’re starting with the episode on soft tackles now in this series you’ll see that each of the films we do will be starting off with a little tackle guide kind of the right gear for fishing the style gear is really important because obviously if you set it up right you’ve got a better chance of catching fish and a better part chance of the line and everything performing when you’re casting so each episode is going to start with this thing and for soft crackling I like to fish a for weight outfit you’re not going to fish strong and heavy leaders so you fish light leaders you’d want a heavy outfit that’s going to snap when you set the hook so I like to fish a for weight this is Sage’s x rod but whatever for weight you like is a really good starting tool for soft tackling on the end of that and the fly line I am I think it’s really important you have a fly line with long tapers give you a nice soft presentations because the flies are small so Rio’s in touch trout LT is probably the best choice of line for fishing soft tackles or if you like to do a lot of roll cast and spake us and stuff like that the in touch single-handed spray that’s another really good line and personally my favorite for swinging soft hackles so one of those two lines are great something with a long taper on the front end of that line you don’t want to put your regular leader on you can try you can certainly start off but the soft tackles are very light and small and when you cast them across the current and swing around which is we’re gonna be fishing these things they can sometimes skate in the surface film fish don’t like to come up to the surface swim and grab them you might see splashes behind the surf of the fly there that indicating that the fish are not taking it but they’re interested so if you are starting with a regular leader and not getting fish go down a little bit and put on it’s sinking leader and we make these thinking leaders a trio these are called versa leaders the clear one here this is an intermediate versa leader and it’s brown one this is a slow sinking versa leader and both of them sink and we’ll make sure the Flies swing under the current a little bit deeper more in that taking zone so put those on the end of your line and then on the front end of a versa leader you want to attach just a regular bit of tippet I tend to fish 4x off it so this is 4x powerful X plus which is our strongest tippet material I like to have a short section of that and then because I fish more than one fly I always fish 2 flies I would heartily recommend fishing 2 flies then you set yourself up with what’s called a tippet ring and tip it ring is just a very easy way of fishing more than one fly more on that when we come to the rigging section and then tie to the tippet ring you just tie a little bit of the 5x tippet material down to your point fly and then you hang a second fly off the tippet ring and that is your team that is your whole setup so that is really all you need if you’re going to do this soft tackling so let’s take jump in a boat take a float down the South Fork but find a nice little riffle a perfect area show you how everything’s set up and show you how to fish soft angles I’ve got a really rigged up now so I got my line I got my intermediate versa leader here attached to that about three feet of 4x tipping I like to a tip it ring and then hanging from the tip it ring is a large soft hackle and then three to four feet behind that on 5x tip it I put my small soft tackle so that’s my typical soft hackle set up when I’m prospecting when I don’t know where the fish are and just kind of randomly fishing it blind in terms of selection of where to fish this is a perfect kind of area you want water that’s between about one foot and three foot in depth with a nice light wave to it not whitewater tumbling and tumbling round not smooth silky glass you can catch fish in those but the ideal water is just like this light wave one two three foot depth and we’ve we’ve posted up here so I’m gonna get in the water start the top of the run and show you how to fish this off tackle so come out to the top of the pool and the top of the pool is really where this riffle II water starts the nice fishy water start and as I look down this island I’ve got about a hundred yards of good water and I’m gonna start at the top end and I’m gonna fish my way all the way down to the bottom end soft tackling is about as easy as fly-fishing get on a river I taught my kids that way I teach a lot of beginner people how to fly fish and River this way because really you can do an awful lot wrong and catch fish you can make a really bad grumpy old cast and the current will wash it out for you you can not look for anything you can be looking around at birds and suddenly a fish hooks itself so it’s a very easy way of kind of just getting into fly fishing on a river when you know a little bit about more what you’re more about what you’re doing you’re going to be casting a line around about 30 to 45 degrees across the river and then you’re going to have your rod swing around with the fly line in the current until the line stops swinging and that’s what’s called the dangle the dangle is the part of the swing where the line really won’t stop it won’t go any further it just stops swinging right about there that’s the dangle and once you get to the dangle you pull a couple of pulls of line in you walk down a pace or two and you make a cast again to that same 30 degree 45 degree angle and repeat that same swing thing there’s a couple of tips on this when you get a grab it’s not something you’re looking for you’ll know every grab you get because it’s a tug that’s great that’s so we’re very obvious it’s a it makes sure everybody recognizes when it’s a take but a lot of people get broken off when they’re fishing soft hackers with four five six X tippet and that’s because the rod is too low as it swings you got a very tight connection between you and the fly when your rods low and so I like when I’m soft tackling to have my rod just raised up a little bit so there’s a little bit of slack line hanging down there’s a bit of a curve hanging down for my rod that allows for a fish to grab it savagely and there’s a little bit of shock absorption in that and you’ll find you’ll still catch as many fish you just won’t break off as many fish on that grab as one see that one took on the dangle liner swung round I hadn’t retrieved waited for a second bang as the grab this has taken the smaller soft tackle on the point not a big fish cause it’s in the shallow water hurry up long distance release but still a fish well that one took typically as soon as the camera was turned off got to the end of the pool fly was there on the dangle bang right on the end of the dangle this one has taken the large soft tackle on the dropper with lovely little cutthroat yeah it has gone perfect how about that for a nice easy release so as you can see work my way down from the top of the pool to the bottom fish maybe 25 minutes swinging had three or four fish had a couple of bumps fish come off eight or ten electric shock grabs so it’s a great way of producing action when you’re fishing and even though you’re not gonna land all those fish nobody ever does on the soft tackle your lines a bit tight for that to happen it’s still super fun hopefully you enjoyed this episode of Rio’s how-to how to fish a soft tackle and if you did maybe else tune in again and watch another future episode thanks a lot for watching


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