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How to fish a Buzzbait Part 1 – Bass Fishing

How to fish a Buzzbait Part 1 – Bass Fishing

there’s one he just slurp it’s the fish to write on ma that’s why I’m working the banks hey guys it’s Jean Jenson with bassresource.com talk about buzzbaits today I got off work and hauled tail to the lake because of the cloudy weather and paying off I’m having to ignore hundreds of small bass out in the middle of the lake school in two to go hit these on with a buzzbait but this is what the big ones are hitting in the big ones are running the crews in the bank real shallow right now so let’s talk about a buzzbait things i do to it to make it catch fish the little modifications you can make and things you don’t have to make and you know for instance right now I’m using the little white Fat Albert grub it works great sometimes skirts work great another time so let me sit down and talk about it alright so the question I always get asked is when is the best time to fish top water and my answer is always going to be the same the best time to fish top water is when the bass are shallow and active and that makes it to where like right now I got overcast skies the bass have been up shallow feeding the water is on the rise we’ve had quite a bit of rain so the water is coming up on the lake a lot of things point to bass moving shallow so so I know they’re shallow and active and I chose a buzzbait this morning because I’ve got Bank I can throw up on to the water slick calm frogs work really good with this heavy cover I don’t have a whole lot of heavy cover the bass are just kind of cruising the bait or the bank pushing the bait up on the bank and feeding on them so basically I’ve got the trolling motor set on high or medium I don’t like to run high but and I’m just cruising the bank looking for a bite but uh you know it’s just it that’s really all there is to them take kind of talked about how I’m making casts and things like that when they’re this shallow I’m talking very end they’re on the bank the bait fish are actually cruising that that the bank in six inches of water I’m gonna throw that buzzbait all the way up on the bank and I’m going to slowly reel it off and I expect to get bit in the first ten cranks okay the first ten turns the handle I’m not counting but that’s about where I expect to get bit so I’m throwing real shallow pulling it off of the bank and just reeling it out really slow what I’m doing is I’m playing around with my speeds a lot of times when it’s lit calm like this the bass like to hit it but they’ll hit it soft like the last one the one I caught just a second ago it just kind of slurped it and that’s because I slowed it down and just got that blade underneath the surface I don’t like to burn a buzzbait I like to fish it as slow as I possibly can and that’s why I use these caviar on buzzbaits that’s because they can be fished extremely slow for a single bladed buzzbait double bladed buzzbaits because they’ve displaced more water they can be fished slower but today they want a white single bladed buzzbait blade color to me really doesn’t matter no gold copper there’s a fish that’s it that’s a decent about the same size as the other fine keep them on you know gold copper silver whatever come on big guy don’t mess up my bait you know and I’m just burning the bank catching I’ll keep rolling keep talking when they bite a lot of times this buzzbait will get all tore up I’ll probably go through two or three or four grubs today but you got to make sure that’s your wire just like a spinnerbait stays in line with your hook or you’re going to loop you’re gonna um it’s not going to run straight you know and then single blade a buzzbait tends to run off to the side a little bit but that’s fine you don’t but you don’t want it to the bait to turn up too far from underneath that blade you want it to be somewhat right underneath that blade as you’re working so I caught that last bass just on a little point this one was out on come on came off the end of a tree top back in the back of this pocket I really don’t think there’s any rhyme or reason where they’re at right now man because there’s no Sun so it doesn’t concentrate them they’re cruising the bank doing the same thing I’m doing I’m trying to catch them and they’re trying to catch food so and as long as I feel like as long as I keep doing this and as long as the Sun stays behind the clouds I’ll have a chance of a good size fish thing I like about a buzzbait is it does catch big fish you know you’re right here at this regular speed where you’re cranking it just slow enough to get it to kick up water and then you slow it down just a half a turn you just slow down Wow those fish will just tear it up I caught this one I’m going I’ll show a picture of one right now that I caught a few weeks ago doing that same exact thing you know throw it up in there slow roll it and then just kind of slow it down just a hair and and that big old girl whacked it but uh it’s going to be a awesome day if I just keep doing this this is my first pocket so see how many fish I can catch doing this and get them on this video would be pretty cool you know when I when I feel like I’ve got it past their strike zone you know they’re really shallow so after that 10 or 15 cranks I’m going to burn it back to the boat I mean why not unless I’m real shallow like I’m some shallows around or I have it like back there have a tree top sticking out a little bit further I mean I may you know take my time a real it just a little bit more like right here here’s a dock I’m just going to work around this dock try not to get caught in Bubba’s boat other good times to throw a buzzbait are ordering the shad spawn early in the spring or in you know boat Bassel when the shad spawn the bass users are already done spawning I know something you guys’ Lakes don’t have shad but those of us to do would do the same exact thing throw it right up on the bank right up against the seawall let fall in and start cranking immediately 2 or 3 cranks slow it down kill it whatever and the bass will be right on it because a bass are super super shallow and this is this is basically the same thing but this whole time I’m paying attention to where I get bit what I get bid on so you know for instance here we go he had to come back and get it not a big one see this guy was on a little piece of grass a little bit shallower so grab my buzzbait before he tears it up a good one this guy was on a little piece a piece of grass right there real shallow little tuft of grass so seconds got a little hydrilla in it and I basically almost hit him on the back and I watched him turn all the way around to get it so it didn’t spook him it just moved him so a lot of you guys are going to ask you know how do I put these grubs on well I look up or hook down your the hook tail up a hook tail down this buzz bait seems to work better with a hook tail down so that’s how I’m going to how I’m going to do it some of them you know just just play around with it it just tracks better for some reason with that hook tail of that Fat Albert grub down I throw in this buzz bait on a I think it’s a half-ounce buzz bait a little bit lighter maybe 3/8 ounce buzz bait but I’m throwing it on a medium fast action rod as many of you guys know that’s my favorite rod anyway this is a duck a ghost it’s only in $99 rod I love it but a 7-foot long medium fast action great spinnerbait rod great buzz bait rod great top water rod great cord around shaky head rod and heavier a light jig a little Texas rig worm I throw a bunch of different stuff on it rattle trap name it but I really really enjoy it gear ratio reel 701 because you know you got those first few cranks when you’re doing this stuff and then get it back to the boat so you make another cast covering water coming and water fast and hard once you get to where you know you’re going to get bit no bring it in throwing up make another cast all right well say it was a sunny day or it was going to be a sunny day the first thing I would do is I would get out on the water at very first light you know you can fish a buzzbait all night long it is a great nighttime top water bait I like black double lady buzzbaits at night but you know if I’m talking about fishing days I’m going to get there before first light and I’m going to be out on the water and I’m going to fish as much shady banks and things like that as I can until the Sun gets on them so I’m going to start off on the bank that’s going to have the Sun on it first and I’m going to fish that for a little while and then as that gets Sun on it I’m going to go across the other side of the lake and I’m going to go look for those little places that have shade on them for the longest and that’s usually where you’re going to find the basilar top water and you’ve got sometimes a really small window especially if you don’t have a lake that has a lot of cuts and things like that a lot of tall trees you got a small window to catch them on top water in the morning um so it’s all about shade it’s all about low light and even on sunny days you can find those shady spots and then I put it up and fish you know places that you know like grass and cover like that with a Texas rig or a flipping bait or something or I go deep and fish you know deep structure and cover but uh and then once the Sun starts to go down in the afternoon I go back to fishing shallow and as it gets darker and darker I’m going to you know switch to a buzzbait or switch to a top water bait so you can catch them on top water on sunny days you just can’t catch them it’s hard to catch them on sunny days with the Sun on the water I have had days of where I have you know where it was they were on the bank all day long they didn’t care if they were sunup or not and it may be because this lake is a Blueback herring lake and Blueback herring like to go shallow when it’s sunny but uh you know I was throwing a buzzbait middle of the day and Sun whacking them but my experience with shad Lakes and most other Lakes is that it’s once the Sun hits the water gets on the water good those bass stop hit and buzzbaits Oh what am I missing Oh when you’re throwing that structure or cover you’re throwing it cover like stumps and lay downs and things like that which there are hardly any on this lake but I always make four or five six casts from different different angles on that piece of cover different angles bump it hit it knock it you know knock the snot out of it see if you can get a reaction strike one thing you gotta remember is keep that part of your buzzbait clean – you’ll get grass rolled up into it because it’ll ladle spin and twist it right up into right there if you keep that clean your blade they’ll spin will get hung up as much another thing you got to remember is it’s best to start your retrieve right away unless you’re thrown on the bank and then you can take your time but uh you know those of us like me who switch you’ve got to you kind of get that timing down it’s tough especially if you’re making short casts you can’t switch fast enough I’ve got to the point where I switch in the middle of the cast and then use my other thumb this left thumb to feather it down I’m not left-handed I can’t cast left-handed and so at least not with any accuracy you got to watch me to a baseball cannot throw left really I got the bait for you all right that’s going to make it on video even though this is a little bitty fish in a tournament two rods out is illegal oh no the camera didn’t get it either one headed cast worked it without reeling it a little dinky thing go back to your mama and I hooked him good and he waylaid it look at that fish sometimes I love a buzzbait good fish


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