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How to Fish: 3 Tips for Flounder Fishing

How to Fish: 3 Tips for Flounder Fishing

are you a flounder fishing Sharpie if you are thing go away these tips are for you you probably already know them but for people new to flounder fishing hey these three tips will come in really handy tip number one keep your big moving whether it’s live bait or a jig Flender will rarely hit a stationary target they like to go after prey that’s active so just kissing out and letting your bait sit there is not the most effective tactic tip number two this may sound a little obvious but keep your bait near the bottom Hey we call them flatfish for a reason they have a flat side may lay flat on the bottom right if your lure or bait comes more than a few feet away from the bottom heck the fish might never even see it tip number three when you catch a flounder immediately check and see what depth you’re in flatter often aggregate in similar depths along the drop-off shelf or other form of structure so when you get a bite check that depth and for the immediate future concentrate your efforts there that’s likely to be where you’ll find that flounders friends well there you have three tips for flounder fishing


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