Home Fishing Tips How to Fillet a Shark – Simple Way to Clean a Shark

How to Fillet a Shark – Simple Way to Clean a Shark

How to Fillet a Shark – Simple Way to Clean a Shark

hi folks it’s evil here from Thundermist lures company and on today’s episode of Thundermist fishing tips we’re going to ask claudio to fillet a shark for us when it comes to shark folks there are a lot of good eatin sharks out there believe it or not actually my favorite is called the sandbar shark and if you can get a sandbar shark it’s really worth it it’s very very good eating but today we have a fine toothed sharp shark I believe it’s called and Claudio is going to give us a quick demo on how to fillet a shark okay so Claudia’s got himself a sharp knife we got a few extra knives here because these this skin is really like what is it like leathery quality oh very leathery okay so what he’s going to do is going to do a cut right behind the gill cover I guess that’s which are you going to start it right behind the gills make an incision and this is a general way you can use to clean most fish actually so now you’re going to run run the knife along the top of the the backbone just make an incision along the top of the backbone and work your way all the way down right down to the table or so it’s on to the tail I’m thinking about the table here because this is really it’s one real nice fish cleaning station I got to tell you that folks it’s got a nice wash down here and I like it it’s a nice unit it’s made very very well so what Claudio is doing he’s just cutting like I say along that backbone as you could see cutting away along around the ribs there and down all the way down to the tail actually that meat looks really nice it’s a nice white meat so now he’s just working the knife as you could see just along around the ribs there and he’s going to cut all the way down to the belly but you know what folks we’re not keeping the belly meat today that belly meat is is somewhat fatty and if there’s any contaminants they’re typically found in the belly so you you want to avoid that belly meat so very simply there he just cut his way all the way to the bottom and that’s all that’s all meat there’s no bones there folks and then now to remove the skin he’s just going to run the knife make an incision there and then run the knife between the fillet and the skin and he’s going to have himself one nice boneless fillet right there very very easily done nice let’s see that steak there Claudio look at that steak folks a nice job body oh that is what very white meat as you can see and what we can do now is we can cut that up in chunks if you would be probably preferred but you see that little bit of dark meat there I don’t know if you can see it there on the camera I see a little bit of dark meat that’s like a it’s I call it a red that’s a muscle meat and that’s actually very very fishy on any fish so what you see there is just just remove that little bit of dark mussel meat and and the fillet will taste that much better and do that with any of your fish folks and and as you can see with the shark one of the reasons why it’s so good there’s no dark muscle meat there’s a very very thin line there if you can see it but otherwise it’s one very white fillet so to do the other side all he’s going to do folks flip the shark over and we’re going to do the same thing to the other side and we’re going to have some nice dinner tonight we’re going to cut that up and most likely have a nice fish fry so thanks so much for tuning in Claudio thanks for the demo as usual and and until next time folks good luck and good fishing teaser T yes it’s a new teaser and if the the ideal thing with this new teaser folks is it’s built right in to a t turn


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