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How to Effectively Fish a Dock for Bass

How to Effectively Fish a Dock for Bass

hi folks Justin Hoffman here for bass pro one source now today I want to share with you a few tips on how to more effectively fish docks for largemouth bass now biggest tip I can give you is when you’re actually approaching a dock always approach down win now what this is going to do is you get a big gust of wind if it’s windy day by being downwind you can stay away from that structure that you want to fish not get blown right into it a lot of guys I see out on the lakes approach it up wind and they’re actually either flying by the by the dock too fast before they could effectively fish it so number one tip down win now secondly when you’re approaching a dock where should you fish first now there’s a few ideas about that but what I like to do is actually fish spots that are closest to you so you can see on this dock right here I’m always going to hit the corners and the front area first so I’m going to throw a flip in there to the corner work it and then just gradually work it that way now the reason why I fish the spots closest to me first is if there’s multiple fish underneath that dock I can get those ones closest to me get them away from the dock generally it won’t spook the other ones and you can you can often get one or two fish from the same dock so what you want to do is you can do gentle flips or pitches and cover that dock thoroughly so then I’m going to work here another key aspect for fishing docks is to multiple flips into the same spot a lot of these fish depending on what mood or activity level they are they’re not always going to hit on that first flip in so I’d like to do is drop it down a little pitch or a flip let it sit there in that strike zone jiggle it up once or twice bring it back down underneath the dock and then just gradually work around as you can see I started on this far edge and then I’m fective Lee working all the way along that dog yeah a lot of guys asked me what are the best baits for throwing underdogs and you know what there’s a lot of different mates out there now if you can see here I’ve got some isolated weeds and some vegetation growing around so I’m actually throw in a Texas rig craw right now I also will use a flipping jig on occasion if it’s not so not so much vegetation growth in there to get snagged up on so those are the two key baits that I like to use and casting and the normal method is not going to work for this type of stuff so you’re always going to want to do you know a nice underhand lob or pitch in there to get at those fish now some other baits that are also good as guys will throw crankbaits spinnerbaits which also work but you want to have those docs that are open so there’s a few tips to keep in mind again downwind first and foremost work those areas that are at you are the closest to you first and then go deeper in any times also if there’s a boat tied up to that dock thoroughly work there in an amount you know make sure you don’t get caught on you know motors or anchor lines but pick apart that doc I’ll often spend if it’s a really good-looking dock deep water underneath I may spend five minutes on each dock so don’t fish it fast fish it effectively fish it hard and you should get some fish out from under those dogs so there’s a few tips for you to take to the link next time we’re out I’m Justin Hoffman Bass Pro one source and we’ll see on the water or in the woods next time you


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