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How to Choose Crankbait Colors for Spring Bass Fishing

How to Choose Crankbait Colors for Spring Bass Fishing

I get asked all the time about crankbait colors. When do I throw this color? What’s the best color? Well with the Original Little John we make about 12-15 colors that are all for different situations. There’s not one color that works all the time.

We have natural colors like the Shad Colors. Then we have the crawfish colors, we have the reds like this one is a type of a red type crawfish color. Then we’ve got the brighter colors like the Chartreuse Black Back.

So you really need to have a little bit of everything because when you’re in the stained water in the summertime or the fall I really like Citrus Shad or a Chartreuse Black Back because those colors work real well.

But if I’m fishing in the summertime or the fall and I’m getting around a lot of baitfish with the water clearing up a little bit, I’m going to go with more of like a Cell Mate color more of a natural looking white shad bait maybe Nasty Shad.

Then if the water clears up even a little bit more I may go to like a Spooky Nasty or something with a little translucence to it that helps break up the outline of that crankbait and the fish get em’ a lot better when you do that.

In the springtime I really like colors with some red in them. Whether it’s this color the Blood Craw or a Spring Craw, which is more of a yellow color with a reddish brown back. Something with yellow and red in it seem to do real well in the springtime.

Also the old Chartreuse Black Back can be good in the spring as well. General rules to think about when you’re crankbait crankbait fishing and color selection is as long as you’ve got the right action, the color is what helps you dial it in and make those fish eat it real good.


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