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How to Catch More Fish At Night!

How to Catch More Fish At Night!

well good day YouTube how do you young fellers? I’ve got an awesome tip for you today especially to all you night time anglers out there. I’m going to keep it short and simple and easy for everyone to be able to do.

So stay tuned you’re gonna love this tip. I guarantee it ok. So what we’re talking about today is night time strike indication there’s a couple of products on the market that are ok like bells and some light sticks and stuff but I’m going to show you the most affordable best way to do it.

Alright, we need to go to the store okey-dokey let’s get to it okay. I usually go to Walmart for everything but in this case not necessary these guys have a better price than Walmart. Yeah I said it someone beats Walmart on price and it’s Dollar Tree we got everything we needed from the dollar store.

okay I got a whole bunch of em’. I spent what I spend five dollars and 33 cents okay and I’ll show you how many I got here let’s go back home and we’ll get her going. You want to make sure you get these the bracelet got to get the bracelets okay it was eight for a dollar today so I bought four packs at eight and they’re different colors we’re going to get fancy and all that and I bought myself package of electrical tape a two pack okay that is all you need to make the best strike indicator on the market.

it’s not even on the market it’s a DIY okay real easy. So start by cracking the glow stick and giving it a good shake then take your electrical tape and cut you three pieces about one and a half inches each now take your first piece of electrical tape and position the glow stick at the very end of your eyelid take your other two pieces of electrical tape secure one in the center and one at the bottom and there you go there is the best strike indicator for nighttime fishing in the world! Oh.

..he’s a tenner, he’s a tenner (10lber)! okay that’s it tell me that wasn’t an awesome tip I know you guys are gonna use that from now on anyway if you liked the video give it one of these if you haven’t subscribed what are you doing hit it right over here the red one subscribe thanks for watching guys we’ll see you on the next one


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