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How to Catch Largemouth Bass – Winter Jerkbait Bass Fishing Tips – Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report

How to Catch Largemouth Bass – Winter Jerkbait Bass Fishing Tips – Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report

hey everyone on Lake Fort guide Steven fatheri and in this short video I want to talk about one of my favorite techniques for a wintertime bass fishing and that is throwing a jerk bait a jerk bait is a great great technique especially when you have clear water I like to have at least 2 foot of visibility any time that I’m fishing a jerkbait colors I like to keep very simple in ultra clear water and on bright sunny days I like colors that have a lot of flash I like chrome with a black back or chrome with a blue back now in stained water or on cloudy days I like to use painted colors such as bone chartreuse and even gold that can be a good good color for darker water situations when I’m fishing the jerk bait I like to throw it on a 6/8 medium power avid series rod this has got an extra fast tip which is going to help you to easily jerk that bait and also I like to throw it on Abu Garcia a fast gear ratio reel you’re gonna be picking up the slack so use a fast gear ratio reel and I recommend I really recommend 10 to 12 pound fluorocarbon line fluorocarbon is very important not only is fluorocarbon line more difficult for the fish to see but it’s going to keep this jerk bait down there fishing the jerk bait is simple just make a long cast turn your reel handle maybe five or ten times just to get that bait down a few feet and then you’re just gonna snap that rod tip down towards the water while you’re picking up your slack when you’re fishing a jerk bait it’s important to know how hard to jerk and how long to pause you know the pause is really the key there’s there’s no fast rules but generally in very cold water you want to allow that bait to pause longer than a few fishing in warmer water so in the winter time make sure that you’re letting that bait pause but ultimately let the bass tell you what they want this time of year I like to fish my jerk bait in the front third of major creeks I like to focus on you know main lake and secondary points don’t go too far back into the creeks right now not a lot of the fish are back there quite yet there’s also too little tricks that you can do to improve your jerkbait the first of which is to add suspense trips to the belly of this jerk bait what that’s going to allow you to do they’re basically LED stickers and it’s going to wake that bait down and allow that bait to suspend in the water if it’s not already a suspending jerk bait the second is to replace these stocked rebels with trocars treble hooks if a bass comes up and even swipes or touches your jerk bait you you can be confident that with those trokar hooks you’re gonna hook that fish and you’re gonna get them into the boat so in this video we just learned how to fish a jerk bait in the winter time I’m late for it guys Stephen fatheri for more how-to videos click the link in the description below good luck fishing you


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