Home Fishing Tips How to Cast Farther with Baitcasters in Bass Fishing

How to Cast Farther with Baitcasters in Bass Fishing

How to Cast Farther with Baitcasters in Bass Fishing

The one thing I get asked all the time when I’m out fishing is, “How can I cast farther?” Casting distance is pretty simple. The biggest thing obviously is the rod. You want to make sure the rod has enough tip for the bait that you’re casting.

If you’re using a bait that you need to cast a good long distance with, you want to make sure you have a rod that has enough tip where you can load up a lot of that rod on the cast. The other thing I do and it helps a lot is I leave a little bit more line out than most people do.

A lot of people will leave 8-10 inches, but that doesn’t really allow you when you cast to build up as much of that rod as you can. So I Leave out a little bit longer like 2 and half or 3 feet which really allows me to build the rod up and make a long distance cast.

In the fall more so than a lot of the year and even the summertime as well when you’re throwing baits that are imitating shad. Right now we’re on Kentucky Lake, which is known as a ledge fishing lake.

So when casting deep crankbaits in the summertime you want to make as far of a cast as possible so you’re not sitting right on top of the school. The same thing in the fall, you want to be able to make as long of a cast as you can because a lot of times these fish will be up here schooling on baitfish or chasing baitfish around on some of these gravel points.

The biggest thing when they’re in this baitfish kind of stage is for one; you want to be able to hit your mark where the fish are sitting without get on top of them because if you’re sitting on top of them it’s really going to disrupt their feeding pattern and you’re not going to have as good of luck getting strike that way which makes it a lot tougher.

You want to make sure you’re well off the fish and you can make a good long cast to where their sitting at.


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