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How F1s React To Tow In Open Water | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

How F1s React To Tow In Open Water | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

On quite a few matches I’ve fished here recently once that tow starts the fish seem to go out. and it’s it, um, it’s no surprise that as that tow’s started as the wind’s got up. that the bites on the pole have really just completely dropped off cos it was a good start, you know we probably caught ten pound in the first 50 minutes on the pole now I think its time to, to chase the fish a little bit.

There’s only so long in a match that you can wait for the fish to come to you. So I’m going to start on double red maggot. Just pop that landing net out the way. Beautiful maggots this time of the year.

So big and fresh. I’ve got the smallest Drennan feeder on and I’ve actually cut a little slit in the feeder which allows the maggots to come out quite quick even in this real cold temperature. and what I’m going to do I’ll put about ten or twelve maggots in there I’m just going to dunk the feeder in.

That does a few things, it adds a little bit of weight to the feeder but it also, it also just, deadens those maggots a little bit with the cold so they’re not going to come flying out, all over the place.

Now I’m only fishing a little tiny light feeder so I’m not going to go cranking the tip right round. I’ve literally cast out taken up any slack and left it to it. I’m just going to let that line sink on its own accord.

Tiny little weight, zero sort of resistance when a fish picks it up and pulls. Keeping noise to an absolute minimum I want to keep everything quiet like I said earlier before we started fishing, everything in stealth mode just keeping everything nice and quiet.

Camouflaged and quiet and just letting the fish tell me what’s happening. I’ll give it probably leave it out there for ten minutes just to see if I get any liners or bites, normally if you cast in amongst a ball of these f ones or small carp you do get an odd little sign.

If I don’t catch I can always go further into my peg. Had a tiny, tiny little liner then which is a fantastic sign and you see even though I’m only fishing o ten on this feeder I’m not holding the rod I’m keeping the rod away from me.

I don’t want to be striking at liners, by just reacting. As soon as I’ve got a proper bite, you do get a few drop backs but most of them would be pulling the rod round you can literally just pick the rod up and start playing the fish.

It really is a case of not striking, trying to be mindful of the fact and remembering that you’re on that light, light hook length. Started on o ten to an 18 and I will drop down see I can tell all of a, all of, straight away I can tell that there’s a little bit of tow on the lake purely because the tip’s round.

I’ve got the one ounce tip in this rod and the tip is round a little bit which tells me straight away that there is some tow….and my experience on this lake and other big F one lakes is that when there’s tow the fish tend to be at distance a little bit.

It used to happen at Larford when they first put them in there … and it’s happened on a few other lakes Barston for instance tend to be out when there’s a little bit of tow.


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