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Homemade Ice Fishing tip up’s

Homemade Ice Fishing tip up’s

hello youtube today I’m going to show you how to make a fish trap like an ice fishing trap so you get boards and you make them tight with soap I would and Jill right into the middle and drill in two screws put this up a piece of wood and right here I’m going to show you so you make four holes and you get these from windshield wipers these metal rods and they’ll be used as so in the when the fish gonna when you’re ice fishing and this goes over the hole when you tie the line to here when the fish pulls till the line is gonna the fishing line is gonna go from here all the way through this crack and into the ice and so on the fish pulls this is this is like a flag and here we got some finished drilled so drilling from the top make two holes one going in and the other I need two holes on top one goes one goes in vertically this one does also and so or you could do it from this side so but you put it in this and it comes out right here right you put it in here it comes out right here and goes into here and so right here if you want you could add two screws so when you’re done fishing ice fishing could wrap it around here and put it away he’s got business cos oh


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