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HawkEye FT1PXCi FishTrax 1C IceShack Ice Fishing Kit


Price: $179.65
(as of Oct 21,2020 08:37:35 UTC – Details)

HawkEye FishTrax 1C IceShack Kit- The FishTrax 1C is modeled for the skilled fisherman who wants the high-definition fishing capability. It includes a full-color, high-definition VirtuView TFTN display in addition to 3 functional modules: The Fish Finder, Data, and Ice-Mode Digital Flasher. The Fish Finder method recognizes the habitation of game, analyzes lineament and structure, and general depth of the water on the High definition color layout. The Data Mode amplifies depth, thermal, and battery wattage assessment, so they can be effortlessly read from several feet away. Ice-Mode Digital Flasher provides its user with real-time FishTrax sonar echoes just like the classic flasher. Perfect for today’s modern ice angler to target his or her suspended prey. The FishTrax 1C features an operator-selectable, dual-beam FishTrax Intelligent Sonar that allows its user to tweak their fish finder so that it will adjust to any fishing technique or platform. With its 100-level affectability modification, multi-level depth ranges, and auto-zoom ground tracking, any angler can step up their prey targeting with satisfaction. It comes with 2 functional airwave frequencies (200 kHz and 83 kHz) so you can fine tune its sonar readings in shallow or deep water without complexity.

Handy Shack design doubles as a case and an adjustable ice fishing platform
Durable, rugged construction; Waterproof bottom with anti-skid feet
Includes FishTrax 1C, IceShack, weighted display mounting pad, and suction cup mount
HawkEye products are manufactured both in the USA and overseas using technology designed and developed with American ingenuity.


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