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HawkEye DT1H Handheld Depth Finder with Temperature, 300 Feet


Price: $99.99 - $72.07
(as of Oct 11,2020 19:28:56 UTC – Details)

The DepthTrax 1H was designed with the sole purpose of being the most powerful and durable handheld sonar device ever created. Utilizing HawkEye’s proprietary DepthTrax sonar technology, the DepthTrax 1H emits 300 watt sonar pulses, 4 times per second, while algorithmic programming virtually eliminates false readings from being displayed on the LCD. When it came time to dseign the housing, our design team aimed for unbreakable. Not only does DepthTrax 1H utilize ultra-tough ABS plastic for its outer shell, but it also incorporates Inductive Switching Technology (IST). IST employs a series of magnets to manager user commands, which allowed the housing of the DepthTrax 1H to be designed with no-switch holes. Couple this with dual seals on both the battery and transducer caps, and the DepthTrax 1H is IPX-8 waterproof to depths up to 200 feet.

The most versatile handheld depth finder sonar system ever produced
Water depth readings from 1.5 to 300 feet (.5 to approx. 90 M); Automatic depth range adjustment
Water or air temperature readings which are displayed in degrees farhrenheit or celcius on a SoftGlow backlit LCD display
Inductive switching technology (IST) allows the unit to be 100% waterproof up to 200 feet (approx. 61 M)
HawkEye products are manufactured both in the USA and overseas using technology designed and developed with American ingenuity.


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