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GUUKIN Fish Scale (Upgraded) Digital Hanging Scale with Measuring Tape, LCD Display, 110lb/50kg Portable Fishing Scale for Home/Outdoor, Storage Bag Included


Price: $10.89
(as of Oct 12,2020 03:22:42 UTC – Details)

Product description
The GUUKIN portable digital hanging Hook Scale adopts high-quality sensors,which are guaranteed to be accurate and durable.
Comfortable handle: Thick and wide attractable retractable handle,comfortable to use.The handle can rotate backward/forward, making it easier for users
Durable:Vertical metal bearing structure makes the scale safe and reliable Data lock function.The hold function takes effective when the weight exceeds 0.2kg
Tare function:Can be used as an archery scale to measure peak draw weight.Weigh objects inside a container without weighing the container itself
Green LCD backlight:Easy to read even at night or sunshine
Weight range:0.1lb~110lb(20g~50kg)
Weight unit:kg, lb, oz
Length range/unit:1.6m/cm,in,ft
Liquid Crystal Size:1.57*1 inch
Default Graduation:0~10kg;d=5g;10~50kg;d=10g
★Make sure you have a reliable hook/ hanging scale
★Select the unit measurement on the scale
★Grasp the handle at the top of the scale,and attach the hook under the scale
★Test the scale by lifting an object with the attached hook
★Hold the fish by its mouth and attach the hook to the gill plate
★Slowly lift the scale and record the weight displayed
🐟 GUUKIN 110lb/50kg Electronic Digital Scale approaches to let you weigh fish from 20g to 50 KG. Its accuracy level is also remarkable. Its error is only up to 5 grams which construct this digital fishing scale dependable.
🐟 Multiple measuring units Built-in shrinkable tape measure design, with length up to 1.6M/5FT, it easily calculates box gauges.The ruler can measure both the unit cm or ft. Measure the weight in LB. (pounds), OZ. (ounces) , and also KG (kilograms). it also can read in G.(grams) as well as 0.000KG at the same time.
🐟 Easy to use and firmness The electronic scale has a widened and thickened metal-encased ABS and rubber-coated non-slip handle, which can automatically attract each other when the handle is stored. Made of 3MM extra-thick shell and external non-slip rubber coating material, all these precautions shall promise it’s firmness.
🐟 The attractive attracting handle & magical hook The hook is made of 4mm high and strengthened steel bar, which ensures that the electronic scale can withstand the safe weight of 50KG when hanging heavy stuff. The new design on the back has a metal hook storage system that is a fixed groove for the pleasure for easy carrying and space-saving.
🐟 Energy Saving The LCD is the largest part font in the same category of portable weight scales, with a digital height of 15mm which ensures clear reading even at night. Improved ultra-power saving design, it uses 2AAA batteries to ensure long standby. If it is not used after 60 seconds, the food scale will automatically shut down to save power.


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