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GM CLIMBING 23kN Nylon Safe Chain CE UIAA Certified 16mm Double Wrapped Sling for Personal Anchor Tether System Aid Climbing Hammock Suspension 97cm / 38in


Price: $32.95
(as of Nov 01,2020 07:16:14 UTC – Details)


1. 23kN Nylon Safe Chain
End-to-end length: 97cm / 38in
Width: 16mm / 5/8in
Construction: 6 pocket loops + 1 half twist for neat girth hitching
Material: Tubular nylon webbing for double wrapped sling
Overall MBS: 23kN / 5170lb
Pocket MBS: 23kN / 5170lb
Net weight: 152g / 5.36oZ
Certification: CE1019 EN566:2017, UIAA
1. A safe chain, due to full strength of 23kN in every pocket loop, is able to serve as personal anchor tether/system.
However, if a fall hazard exists, always keep yourself connected to a fall arrest system with dynamic absorption.
2. See more precautions in the enclosed instruction for use before use the safe chain.

2. Ultra-Light D-shape Screw Locking Carabiner
Material: 7075 Aircraft-grade Aluminum alloy, Hot Forged
Standard Finish: Anodized
Dimension: 99 x 62.5mm / 3.898 x 2.461in
Gate opening(d): 19mm / 0.748in
Net Weight: 53g / 1.87Oz
Breaking Strength: Major axis: 24kN – Minor axis: 7kN – Open gate: 7kN
Certification: CE 1019 EN 12275, UIAA

3. 28kN D-shape Twist Locking Carabiner
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Finish: Anodised
Strength: Breaking Strength: 28kN – Minor Axis: 8kN – Open Gate: 9kN
Gate Opening: 22mm
Weight: 80g / 2.82Oz
Dimension: 113 x 72mm
Certificate(s): CE 1019 EN 12275, UIAA

GM CLIMBING 23kN Nylon Safe Chain, full strength of 23kN in every loop, CE EN566:2017 and UIAA certified, is built to be much safer, more convenient and easier for length adjustment when serving as personal anchor tether at anchors.
Width: 16mm / 5/8in; Length: 97cm / 38in end-to-end; Tubular nylon webbing material, double wrapped; Construction: 6 pocket loops + 1 haft twist loop for neat girth hitching; Overall MBS: 23kN; Pocket loop MBS: 23kN.
RAPID LENGTH ADJUSTMENT! Featured multiple loops allow easy and rapid length shortening, offering great help in the applications where frequent length adjustments exist.
SAFER OPERATION! Different from traditional daisy chain, the safe chain gets full strength of 23kN in every pocket, and its chained construction tends to eliminate unexpected slack in the system. Operation with a safe chain is more convenient, easier and much safer.
DURABILITY! The high strength of 23kN (every loop), doubled wrapped nylon webbing also offers high resistance to abrasion and wear, reinforced for longer service life.


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