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GIANT Smallmouth on Big Bay De Noc

GIANT Smallmouth on Big Bay De Noc

(music) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the water) We eat Fish eat! (way out in the woods) (where the breathing is easy the living is good) (out in the great outdoors) And welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors.

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And remember its a great day to be alive. (out in the great outdoors) Holy moly! (music) (Music ends) (music) Good morning and welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. Today we’re heading up to the UP and were gonna be fishing Big Bay de Noc.

I haven’t been up to Big Bay de Noc since the tournament days and our good friend Lonney Goman is up there from Green Bay Trophy Fishing and he’s on a great bite. Big smallmouth, he’s catching some nice walleye and an occasional big pike too.

Stay tuned! We left here at 3:30 in the morning which is pretty typical of us when we go on a road cruise. We usually just leave early in the morning and head up there and get our show in and head right back.

That’s the ordeal when you’re filming a new TV show every week. So stay tuned! Let’s see what happens this week up at Big Bay de Noc. I wonder what’s up with this guy here? Let’s stop. I’m gonna grab some Mikes Country Meats anyways.

Guys a fisherman Larry! Oh my! Hey buddy how’s it going? Hey! Cool man! So you’re heading up to what? Oconto perch fishing! I saw your show last year! Ok. Holy man! Are you kidding me? Hey I’ll tell ya what! I got an idea.

We tow your truck over to the park and ride and you want to come up to Michigan with us? Yes! Oh my god! Are you kidding? Grab your stuff. I gotta tow strap let’s hook it up and pull you up there. Alright thanks! (music) (music) Boy this is gonna be something else hey! Wow! Let’s go do it! You know, you’re a charitable guy.

No I’ll tell ya what! Guy looks like a good fisherman I guess we’ll find out! (music) Thanks for choosing Burger King how can I help you? Four whoppers Hey Lonney called and said where are you? We’re getting some whoppers! Don’t tell him that! (music ends) (music) Creating a fishing boat that delivers unsurpassed fishablility, speed, and performance on the water is achieved through an ongoing commitment to quality and a driving passion for making great boats even better.

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com or look us up at your local grocery store. (music) Kind of nice not driving today! Hey I’ll tell ya what! Welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. Today we’re with our good friend Lonney Goman from Green Bay trophy fishing and we’re with also, pick him up on the side of the road Dan.

We met him, he was broke down on the way up here. And he was going up to Oconto to fish perch and we decided to have him jump in and fish with us today. Hey Dan the Cameraman, you had a new name for him didn’t you? Right.

Dan from the ditch. Dan from the ditch we’re gonna call him! Hey I’ll tell ya what Lonney you’ve been up here fishing and catching lots of fish. We’re up at where? Big Bay de Noc? We’re up on Big Bay de Noc up here and I’ve had some friends up here over the years and I got to learn this bite up here and I’ve been fishing up here the last 3-4 days and its been fun.

Lotta big smallmouth and some walleyes too huh? Yeah, we’ve been getting a mixed bag. Some walleyes, pike, and some nice bass. I’ll tell ya what Lonney, I said this 2 years ago when we started this show.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this show was to get more people involved in the outdoors especially kids and women, but I’ll tell ya something. The other part is what an awesome opportunity it is for me to be able to fish with great fisherman like yourself and to be able to fish all these different areas.

Something about you, you’re a big water guy. I’ll tell ya that! And you grew up in the UP didn’t you? I was born in Iron Mountain and my mom moved to Algoma Sturgeon Bay area when we were young. I have alot of friends up here, I was invited up here years ago and got to know some people up here.

The Michigan people are good people. They’re good hearted, genuine honest people and its just awesome to know guys like that. I’ll tell ya what, the scenic value and the quality of the fish that we’re gonna catch today up here! I can’t wait! I’ll tell ya what, stay tuned! We’ll show you how we’re doing it and we’ll see if we can latch into a smallmouth over 6 pounds today before I lose my voice.

(music) Nice job! Look at the size of that bass! Whoo! Its a big bass! It’s huge! That’s a big bass right there brother! Oh my god I thought it was a carp! Lonney give me your rod! That’s a really big bass dude! OH my gosh! That is a big monster bass! I gotta grab the net here.

There he is again! He’s doming up! Whoa! Look at the size of that bass! That is a giant, giant bass! Holy cats! That’s what we’re here for! Man oh man Lonno! Lonno! That is a big bass! Take your time with him.

Big water, big fish! Wow! That’s exciting! Look at the size of that bass! Look at that! That’s a big one boys! That’s a nice fish! (grunting) There you go nice job! Look at the size of that thing! That’s a good way to get us warmed up here! (laughing) Good job buddy! Thank you sir! Nice job! I’ll tell ya what Lonney, tell everyone at home what we did.

We made a big move. I was on some real good fish yesterday, we fished it. We had some good fish yesterday. Those fish are there yet but they’re negative so we made a move. We got over here and got this one that’s all of 5.

5.5 pounds. It’s a good one. There are a lot bigger, we’re looking for that 6 or 7 but we’ll start there! Let’s keep this party going! Nice job! Another big one? Oh yeah! You’re not related to Kevin Van Dam at all are you? (pppffft.

.) You got him? That’s a nice bass! That is another giant! (laughing) I seen a weird angle on it and I thought it was a walleye! I think that was the sucker hanging out of his mouth! You see how big this is dude? Oh my gosh! Seriously! Is that bigger than the other one? Oh my god! I thought it was a walleye! And I’m a fishing guide! Now aren’t you glad you guys picked me up on the side of the road? (laughing) Catches one more and we’re gonna take him back to the side of the road.

.. Wow! I just saw that fish come up! It’s way out there! Unbelievable! We made a move and that was worth it, hey? That’s the thing about fishing. You always gotta have in your head that they’re always biting somehow and somewhere.

Another nice fish! The big thing is working the break right. I haven’t had a bite yet on this pass and look how close we are in this boat. Well, there’s a first they call it a primary and then a secondary break, we were kind of working that first break, we picked a small one up, we happened to slide deep on that seconday break, Ditch Dan ended up with 2 big ones and those fish are laying right in that secondary break.

Look how tight we are in the boat here. Another quality fish here. Another nice one. Nice little chunk here Larry. They’re feeding up for the winter just putting that feed bag on. Sorry boys, but I’ve got a problem! Double header! Double header! (cheering) I’m trying to net and set the hook at the same time! Whoo! Now we’re having fun! Loving it! That’s all it takes! Wow! Dan get that other rod outta here.

I don’t think it’s a monster but it’s a good fish. They’re all good fish but these are definitely bigger than the last spot. Here he comes! Coming out of the water, here he comes. I thought he was gonna come up and out.

Boy, I’ll tell ya. It’s amazing how these fish fight. I’ll just let this one go. (grunting) Another little chunk. These are just little footballs. Not as big as Dan’s but look at the size of them! Beautiful! I’m on the board on this spot! (music ends) (music ends) Trophy Ice Fish.

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Go to badgersportsman.com or call us at 920-230-3474 Subscribe now and get our current issue mailed to you as a free bonus! Badger Sportsman Magazine. Wisconsin’s outdoor magazine. (music) You know, it’s amazing Lonney! These fish are just loaded You got the bow in 30ft now.

Look at that fish hanging on there. (music) (grunting) I love that stuff! Larry that’s a pig! Such a great feeling! Look at that! Boy I’ll tell ya, I’m just letting him grab it and not feeding it to him anymore.

It’s making a big difference. Wow! What you got here buddy? I’m good. You can keep tying. Here he comes! Whoa it’s a good one! (laughing) Lonno! That’s a biggie! Here he comes! Oh my goodness! Look at that fish! Whoa! (laughing) It is amazing! Look at the bellies on these fish! (laughing) Here we go, Lonney! Thank you buddy! That’s a tank! Whoo ho! That’s upper 4s almost 5.

Look at that, hey? Just so stocky! Look at the belly! Here’s your fish, buddy! Thank you man. I appreciate it. You know, over the last couple years, we’ve been very fortunate to fish with you and we’ve been on some absolutely tremendous bites; walleyes, northerns, bass, its always a pleasure.

The whitefish on ice, it has definitely been a pleasure. What a great way to spend a day! Got one going? I see your rod bent over Lonno! Whoo ho ho! Fish hanging right on there! Nice job! Boo-yah baby! It has been fish after fish for the last hour! Unbelievable! This last hours been real good! Like I say, it’s fun fishing but it’s more fun catching! I don’t think he’s that big but sometimes they sand bag you.

Lonney tell me this, you got anything new this winter for ice guiding? We do. We got a couple new guys coming on board to help us out, we we’re a… we’re pretty pumped up. The last couple winters have been warm.

He’s out there! You know, we’re looking forward to having a good solid ice season, taking care of our clients, making sure everyone is happy, with what we offer in terms of our service. I don’t know anybody that has a better service on the Bay of Green Bay than you.

Thank you. You got bathrooms out there? We have bathrooms on the ice, we’re gonna have shore lunch again this year, that’s a huge hit, bathrooms for the women they like that, this fish is a little bigger than I thought! You’re running how many shacks? We’re gonna be running 18 houses this year.

How big is that one shack? We’ve got a shack that’s 8×26 Whoa! It fishes 15 comfortably but you can put 8-20 people in there. Wow! It’s great for group outings, corporate outings…Whoa! That is a giant! That’s a big fish Lon! I did not think that bass was that big! Look at the size of this thing! They’re just all porkers! You got Dan’s line.

.. Oh my gosh, look at this oinky! This might be bigger than the ones Dan caught! Hey Dan, you gotta wind your line in. Are you kidding me? Wow! Look how dark that fish is! That’s the interesting part about these fish.

How dark they are up in this water. Let’s get a weight on him quick. It’s not as long, but it definitely has a lot of girth to it. The thing about these fish up here is just how piggy they are! These are some of the biggest smallmouth I’ve ever seen and I fish the Great Lakes often.

Let’s get a weight on him real quick. This fish is pushing probably upper 4s almost 5 pounds! I was told once that water temperature gets below 45, gobies are usually up in the shallows and then they start sliding deeper.

That would make perfect sense because those bass are probably a little deeper too looking for something to eat. That last hurah before they go dormant. It makes perfect sense that those fish are a little deeper along with the gobies sliding out.

(music) (music) Years ago, a 3-4 pound smallie was huge 15-20 years ago. Now, to even start talking about smallies anything 5 pounds and north thats a solid fish. They’re saying their growth rates are a lot higher because they’re growing faster.

Here he comes. That’s a chunk! I wanna see that fish again! Whoa! You wanna net him or grab him? I’ll just grab him. We’re spoiled. (laughing) Pretty bad when you’re not netting 5 pound fish. Look at that, hey? That’s beautiful! Ain’t that gorgeous? Look at the chunk on this thing! They’re so solid and thick! Another piggy! Look at this! Are you kidding me? Oh my belly hey! Wow! Really? Boy I’ll tell ya what, I struggled yesterday to catch a dozen smallmouth out on Big Green and when you look at these fish here and nobody here, how awesome! Definitely worth the drive! This is just unbelievable fishing for bass.

Some of the biggest smallies in the country. A great spot. Wow! Hold that fish up Lonney! That is a gorgeous fish! That might be the biggest one of the day! No. I don’t know, that’s big! Man! Beautiful! Hey I’ll tell ya what, this week’s tip of the week brought to you by our great friends up in Tigerton, Mikes Country Meats, I’ll tell ya what Lonney, you’ve got a good tip of the week.

When fishing these smallmouth, a lot of guys like using a 12-14 fluorocarbon and when you’re dragging in the rocks and zebra mussels a lot of times what happens is your line gets so nicked up and chaffed even with fluorocarbon I’ve jumped up to a 20-25 pound test it’s kind of stiff, but I catch just as many fish.

It seems to be really effective. The more zebra mussels and rocks there are I jump up to that 25 but its a real nice stiff leader material. I never have problems, and I have very few break offs. When your fishing bass in rock jump up to a 20-25 pound heavy fluorocarbon and that seems to work.

Hey and I’ll tell ya what Lonney that is a great tip because right away this morning I thought that line was gonna be a little too heavy, these bass were gonna see that line, but it’s definitely not the case and we haven’t lost hardly any rigs at all.

Again, thanks to our good friends up at Mikes Country Meats for the greatest jerky on the planet. you know we’re not even filming 3 pounders anymore (music) now is this one just a ho-hum 4-1/2 pounder? right.

I don’t get excited until they get 4-1/2 you need a net, let me know. I know the last 10 you’ve grabbed it yourself, but. Yeah, you guys hook up there and I’ll just a double so you’re saying set up and hook up? yeah, shut up and hook up don’t bug me.

this is a tv show. yes it is. oh yeah, that’s a good fish. oh yeah, wow that is a nice fish, lon. thats a big one yeah thats a big one. about a 4-1/2 er starting to get that little dimple on his head.

and again a little bit deeper, huh? yeah, he’s a little heavier than what i thought fish carry so much weight. for a small mouth, ya know just look at how porky these are. yeah, healthy the jaws aren’t all ripped up.

just beautiful looking fish pretty fish, eh. yup, beautiful markings on them. good battlers. (music) that’s a tanker. that’s a 4-1/2 gotta love that (music) (music) hey I’ll tell ya what. join our very own shotgun shaffer, he’s going to be over at Woodman’s in Sun Prairie from 10-2 December 2nd and he’s going to be cooking up products from Burgers Smokehouse so make sure you check them out.

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the FLX20 is packed with features like zoom zones and a 3 color pallet display. to learn more about FLX technology, visit Vexilar.com (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) come on lon, one more then we’ll go in, one more I just say that cause I got one hanging on here I got him, one more I’ll tell you what an explosive day hey.

feels like a decent fish. hey you know it’s getting to become close to winter, because guess what? look at my new vexliar suit I have too, loven it and the other part is, you guys, i got a surprise for you in the truck i got some really good smoked Burger Smokehouse products I’m going to cook for you before we head back look at, hey.

what is the deal with the black spots on that one, Lon I don’t know Larry, what the heck is that? that’s interesting pretty fish. that’s the first one we got. has some pigmentation type stuff that’s very cool.

hey i’ll tell you what lonny, it’s time to wrap ‘er up and head in, take a picture of some of the fish we kept for pictures here and head on it, let them go and let’s go eat some supper. (music) hey i’ll tell you what lonny, you got a lot of things going on you got one of the largest ice guiding services on the bay of Green Bary and if people want to get a hold of you and do some of these specialty trips like we do here for the bass or obviously they’re going to be thinking winter because it’s right around the corner, probably in the next couple of weeks, we’re going to definitely on some ice, how can they get a hold of you? yeah you know we’re going to be in sturgeon bay here another week or two on trophy bass and walleye and then ice fishing, just get a hold of us, we’re going to be rockin and rolling here after January 1st, late December give me a call at 920-255-2617 and that’s Barbara, she’ll get you booked or check us out at trophyicefish.

com absolutely perfect, hey and I’ll tell you what we had a great time and that’s what it’s all about. and you know what, if you see somebody on the side of the road broke down, make sure you stop and pull in there make sure they’re okay and you might even find yourself a fishing partner for the day and the other thing is, make sure you check us out on our social media sites.

our facebook along with our new website. and just remember like I always say, what a great night to be alive. (music)


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