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Genius Outdoors Titanium Spoon – Ultra-Lightweight Flatware, Long Handled, End of Pot or Pouch Reach – Strong Outdoor Meal Eating Utensil for Hikers, Camping, Backpacking – Rust Proof, 8.5-Inch, 19g


Price: $10.00
(as of Oct 23,2020 16:42:33 UTC – Details)

Looking for a worthy utensil to include in your backpacking arsenal?

During hikes, every item should be essential. You want to be able to make the most out of the limited space and keep it as light as possible. This is especially true if your activity of the day involves a lot of walking, such as thru hiking.

Carrying too much can put you at risk of injury and a slower pace. However, underpacking might leave you stuck between a rock and inconvenient, potentially unsafe practices. One essential item you can’t do without is a utensil for eating.

The Titanium Spoon by Genius Outdoors is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Choose a trusty spoon that lets you eat every last bit of food in your freeze-dried meals. Thanks to its long handle, our titanium spoon lets you make the most out of the food you carry without getting your hands messy. A convenient tool for outdoor cooking, our handy utensil also protects your hand from burns as you stir your meals.

This spoon was created for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element, titanium is extremely durable. It’s lightweight, too! It’s no wonder thru hikers tend to look for this specific material when scouting for a utensil.

Our titanium spoon is non-corrosive. Built to last, this top-grade utensil does not tarnish or rust. Plus, it does not require any special care. Simply wash it as you would any ordinary utensil.

Here are more reasons to love our titanium spoon:

✅ Eco-conscious alternative to plastic spoons
✅ Smooth feel and comfortable grip
✅ Ideal gift for thru hikers

Eat well and pack light. Add the Titanium Spoon by Genius Outdoors to your cart TODAY!

EXTRA-LONG HANDLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE – Our camping spoon lets you easily reach the bottom of your freeze-dried meals. It also protects your hand from the heat when used for cooking.
BUILT FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE – Made of high-quality titanium, our 8.5” long titanium spoon is guaranteed tough. It’s built to survive any adventure. We back this up with a lifetime warranty.
NO FRILLS – Made ‘for thruhikers, by thruhikers’, our titanium camping spoon is here to meet your needs–no more, no less. The handle is built with a hole for easy carrying or hanging.
ULTRALIGHT HIKING TOOL – Although made of remarkably solid, heavy-duty material, our titanium cooking utensils are lightweight. It measures only 19g, barely adding any weight to your pack.
EASY TO CLEAN – Our non-corrosive titanium spoon does not absorb odor or stain. You can wash it like you would any other kitchen implement. Feel free to toss it into the dishwasher after every hike.


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