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Gar fishing tip: Float fishing at night

Gar fishing tip: Float fishing at night

so I’m out here about 2:30 3:00 in the morning fishing for alligator gar and float fishing at night I just wanted to tell you a few things about how I do that now of course you know I I have a two head lamps on my head one powerful one for filming and one for just seeing stuff now I don’t use the head lamps the whole time I’m fishing I have reflective floats I have a moon I came out because of the moon is it’s pretty bright I watched the line as well if the line starts moving and picking up it means I have a bite I’m also mindful of the the wind and the current as well and another thing I wanted to tell you about that you should to try is be mindful of where your floats always are and look for disturbances in the waters a lot of times if the float goes under real quick there’ll be a disturbance so even a noise maybe if you will so listen and watch the water if you can’t see your float you will see and you will hear the disturbance if the the float goes under violently alright I hope my advice at 3 in the morning pays off for you good luck


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