Home Fishing Tips Frog Fishing Techniques and Big Bass Fishing Lures with Ish Monroe

Frog Fishing Techniques and Big Bass Fishing Lures with Ish Monroe

Frog Fishing Techniques and Big Bass Fishing Lures with Ish Monroe

how many guys likes frogfish exactly that’s what I’m talking about where’s my I got my laser pointer got my deal here frog fishing I’m gonna talk to you guys pretty much about frog fishing crankbaits and spinner baits so at any point in time you have any questions going into this feel free raise your hand I’ll answer any questions you got we got to start out once again before you do anything you got to have the right equipment right equipment for frog fishing minimum fifty pound braid in open water 65 or 70 in matted vegetation or around wood reason for that is open water you can get away with the 50-pound 65 or 70 matted vegetation so that you don’t break them off rod minimum seven foot I had designed a rod by add Iowa called Iowa Steve’s frog rod seven foot four inches long seven foot four inches long allows me to make a good long cast get a good hook set and move those fish same real as the flippin real seven three two one high-speed reel once again I’m working the bait with the rod not with the reel so you work the bait with the rod you take the slack up with the reel so you want a high speed reel so think about this when you’re fishing in open water basically you need three colors sexy ish which is sexy cuz I’m sexy kind of like that you know kind of but no it’s a bluegill color pattern I like to throw that on the partly cloudy days so when you get a mixture of Sun and clouds Bob I’ll go with the sexy ish I like to go with that color as well in the post spawn when the bluegill are on beds and the bass reading bluegill on beds because most the time you’re catching bass out of that much water because the blue gills are bedding in the less than a foot of water so that’s when I throw that color so the three main colors Papa midnite the man sexy is you picked the right areas you want to take your frog you want to skip it back up underneath here into that pocket back there when you take that frog and you make that cast up underneath there you skip it up underneath there you let it sit let the rip go away you walk it the one thing about the Frog is I created a frog that walks and so when I say walks it’s actually gonna look like a zero spook big city but it’s gonna swing a lot tighter so it’s it’s there to go and it only moves a couple of inches when I make it walk then the popping version is for those days when I actually need to get a little bit more noise you get a lot of boat traffic out there you’re getting a lot of wind and they won’t eat the Frog as well and you want a pocket so then I created a pop inversion for that but you want to skip your frog back up underneath there take a couple of walks with it let it sit back up and eat there you want to throw your frog back here walk it across this point you want to throw your frog right on the front of this point you want to throw your frog back into this pocket here you want to cover the areas with your frog and you want to walk it and let it sit like if I skip it back here I’m gonna walk it and let it sit right here now you talked about the green leafy stuff you don’t play tic-tac-toe you fish it through all of this stuff I will come and I usually will start if there’s an open area this way I’ll make cast down it this way and then work and make short pitches into it going that way you want to key in the spots where the grass doubles up you know like you got this type of grass and this type of grass comes together well there’s a little point there there’s a little point there those are gonna be ambush places for the fish one thing about grass when it grows is it’s gonna when you get one type of grass and another type of grass there’s going to be a space there or a line there of where that grass isn’t growing in between there and so a lot of fish will sit on the middle of that hole waiting for something to come through hey I’m Pete Lucic and I’m like I can le and this is a bash University TV welcome to Bass University TV an online video training course where you’ll learn champion bass fishing techniques from pro anglers beat glues ech mike iaconelli in their talented special guests everywhere I go in the country I’m trying to use these techniques because I catch big fish that way from on the water to in the classroom we want to use that bait to help make that area even smaller and really really find that sweet spot you’ll learn some techniques and strong fundamental bass fishing skills you want something that’s got a nice limber action that’s gonna allow you to build pressure and keep those hooks pinned against that fish’s mouth watch hours of video content on multiple topics at your own pace for a low monthly fee cancel at any time hold on cuz you’re gonna catch the knife SS information is power in the sport of fishing so learn from the very vast that’s a key theory in all of fishing subscribe to bass university TV today man does it trigger a lot of strikes here’s the part that you’re not going to hear anywhere else this is the Bosch University TV 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