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Fly Fishing Tip – Knot Cinch Tool

Fly Fishing Tip – Knot Cinch Tool

hi and welcome to one of the tips that I’ve put out for Texas fly casters actually for anybody that fishes or fly fishes this this tip will actually work in regular fishing circumstances you know and it’s about the Susan bass knitting needles that I told you guys about and in an earlier video and I kind of teased you about them and I got a little trouble for it yesterday when someone just had to know what this was all about so nothing like a rainy Sunday afternoon to get out and go ahead and and do a video on these but this is what they look like the Susan Bates and knitting needles and running about two bucks you can get them at jo-ann fabrics and here’s what the tool is supposed to be this is supposed to be if it works out properly we’re going to cut these off and you can make a loop in here if you want and glue it and tie it these are what I call not centers and they cinch your knots your loop knots and your leaders and and anything else that you have a loop knot that you need to cinch down these should do the trick so we’re going to take a look and I’m gonna go ahead and go to a close shot on this and we’re going to take a look and see how well these work for actually like when I tie all my own leaders especially fluorocarbon and in salt water you know your hands get wet and you can get cut pretty easily as you’re cinching those knots so we’re going to try to eliminate that problem with a cheap tool that’s easy to make and hopefully works well knitting needles I was telling you about I went ahead and cut one loose here and I’m gonna leave one kind of long so that I can go back later and tie a little loop into that and hopefully it will make it a more functional tool that actually has a lanyard or something on it but that’s that one we’re gonna use this one for our test and see how this test goes live and online right now so first thing we want to do is tie a typical loop into our leader material this is 20-pound fluoro i got that started right there come back here stick that in there and not only yeah actually works this is not only does it work it actually gives you a pretty good grip where you can take this and really all you gotta do is watch for these fingers over here and usually you’re wearing gloves so you just cinch it down like that and you’ve got it really good to two dollars Walmart probably definitely a jo-ann fabrics I call it a nuts Center and I’m going to come out with one probably the next few months that’s made out of aircraft aluminum machined aluminum I’m going to make on a lathe but for now two bucks easy to do carry that with you when you go and have to tie your own loops and things like that whether it’s for leaders or other kind of knots and I bet it floats to have a great weekend I hope you enjoyed this tip and let me know if you’ve got any ideas or tips about things that you might like to see on Texas flag caster


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