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Fly fishing Norway – Grayling Nymphs

Fly fishing Norway – Grayling Nymphs

It looks really nice. This is a grayling trip in Norway. Glomma River in Norway. The conditions they are not very much dry fly fishing today So let’s figure out what are the best grayling nymphs? Hejpådej and welcome fly fishing Norway.

We have all the elements here lovely evening beautiful clear water river and the Thunder I was not expecting that all the elements me too tired to speak all the elements for great fishing and awful video.

Welcome! Aww. Mini-trout. Okay that was a bit accidental trout but now back to the point what was the point? Best grayling nymphs. Let’s let’s figure out what works. so it’s quite warm, it has been warm for for a long time so plus 25 and more so it’s really warm and all the the fish they are deep in the river so my favorite one, you know my favorite, one of my favorite nymphs – best grayling nymphs is the black with golden bead head, but here I feel it’s a little bit too big I tried it but it didn’t work so another favorite of mine is a small nymph with with red bead head.

This is my favorite for grayling. Let’s see if it works. And so that it’s not only me, let’s have a second and third opinion. Prince nymph this one So there you have it. When it comes to grayling nymphs and fly fishing Norway I would say at least for us these are the best grayling nymphs.

thanks for watching and if you’re interested about fly fishing as promised there’s a free fly fishing Cheat Sheet. My little gift for you. You can get your copy from the download link below the video.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next video and now you get out there


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