Home Fishing Tips FLY FISHING COLORADO …. Catching a personal best brown trout

FLY FISHING COLORADO …. Catching a personal best brown trout

FLY FISHING COLORADO …. Catching a personal best brown trout

One could likely guess that at some point I was gonna take a swim in the river with my camera bag on … that day happens to be today … why not right? it’s chaos out there … why not add a little bit more to the mix .

.. I’m wet, but it doesn’t matter … it’s a nice day out thirty degrees so just below freezing but honestly it feels like the tropics here right now compared to what I have been fishing … I’ve got some seaweed and muck on my line here I’ll have to clean up but then I’m gonna hit the water .

.. can’t wait to hopefully share some big fish with you … so hang with me let’s see how it goes … thank goodness for my lowe pro camera bag here … it is wet or now frozen … everything is soaked and somehow on the inside I’m pretty dry and all my camera gear is working Thankful for that There’s gotta be some fish hanging out here There we go! Well, that’s a big one! Look at him go Ok, that’s a big fish! He just took off Oh my! safe to say that’s the biggest fish I ever caught .

.. this is a good day! It’s warming up a little bit …. hopefully the fish get more active Yep, speak of the devil! Amazing! Hooked into another one here! Huge Fish! Wow! What a day. You just don’t get days like this very often so when it happens you gotta enjoy it! I caught a master angler Brown for sure probably the biggest fish I’ve ever caught in a river .

.. probably caught close to a master angler rainbow as well and then a few others that were you know 20 to 24 inches … just an incredible day…like I said these days don’t come along very often so I’m gonna enjoy this drive home .

.. thank you for hanging with me and until next time we’ll see you soon


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