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Fly Fishing Basics for Dry Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Basics for Dry Fly Fishing

hi I’m Anni from kajanaclub.com fly fishing community and on this video I’m gonna teach you a handy trick how you can keep your dry flies dry and floating a nice and natural so you can keep catching more fish and watch until the end of the video because i have prepared a free fly-fishing sheet for you with for free lessons so when you are dry fly fishing and you have been doing that for a while the fly gets wet what you can do is definitely do a few more casts false casts and keep the fly in the air there to keep to get it dried but it’s not super effective what I do I have a small rubber bands really small one this actually I think they meant for horses to pray to their here and help any rubber band will do but as small as possible is good what you would do with your rod if you do have a small loop here you can use that or if you don’t have that just wrap the plastic band around the road i’ll just put the there on the rod like this and now when you go fishing oh by the way this is not real fishing situation so anyhow when you are fishing with a dry fly it’s supposed to be dry and float nicely on the water surface but after some time of fishing when the fly gets wet it doesn’t float so pretty so what you do now with the very wet dry fly is you put the fly on the rubber band and two do a few pulls on the rubber band the the dry fly gets dry again so on this video you learned a nice trick how to keep your dry fly dry and you can keep catching more fish and it’s all about knowing those little tricks and tips so if you want to learn more i have prepared a free fly fishing cheat with for fly fishing lessons which you can download it for free there’s a link below this video where you can download the free teach it thanks for watching and now we’ll get back to my 10k fly-fishing experiment and get to see some outdoors i hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you on the next video when .

ok today is supposed to be really sunny and blue sky I just wake up and this funky cloud in the river so I when I woke up I almost didn’t see that other side of the river looks pretty cool and there was just one boat rowing down the stream fishing for salmon I was I caught that on camera but I was little bit too late so but now i’m out and fishing and soon i’m expecting to get some grayling breakfast based on last night’s result ok ok now it’s that kind of a dry fly grayling fishing that I was hoping for I caught few release them because we already have one for eating but while i’m here filming I can hear them eating from the surface i can hear the plop plop so awesome now it’s getting a little bit cloudy there’s still some blue sky but mainly it’s getting a little bit cloudy so let’s see how the day continues but sunshine grayling eating from the surface does it get any better for lunch grayling pasta broccoli and mozzarella and just add water and one grayling warning there’s some male nudity on this video but also there’s a fish on that’s the end of this Norway expedition and now you get out there if you liked this video be sure to click the like button and share it with your friends and fishing body and be sure to subscribe to my channel


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