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FishOly Ice Fishing Tip Up

I’m Jerry Olson president founder of officially tip-ups located in Lander Wyoming here officially tip-ups we’ve been working on a new tip of design it was created by ice fishermen for the ice fishermen we’re really excited about this product we think it’s gonna revolutionize the way tip books are used today today we’re going to discuss in detail the visually tip of what’s in the box when you receive it in your doorstep do getting it set up and ready to fish with it on the ice the main parts of the base with a built-in taco box the sliding fulcrum real holder and a light bite when you receive this product in the mail it’ll still come to you basically like this you know in a bar and it’s done this way so that it will save on shipping cost to assemble it this is the base slider it has a magnet located here the magnet goes towards the bait box slide it on two pins just set right down under the holders snaps into place like Pike will detent that tells you to stop right there and there’s the tip up Reles you can use any real you want with it so that’s that’s one of the bonuses of this thing you can use bigger reels and use small reels you can have multiple reels with different weights of line so you’re going for loop you know small fish perch bluegills crappies use lightweight line and you want to switch lines and go to Lakers that night just pop the reel off with your other reel on it has heavy line it’s that simple turn the unit on as the first switch you would turn it on right there one beep it’s activated this part right here is the nightlight it will always be on interval shuts off to turn the unit on and it’s an LED light everything in here is LED we have two LEDs one that stays on all the time and the one that will activate the light to when a fish strikes it sets the tip up activates the light tube activates the horn you can turn the horn off you and your reel in a fish it’s not so obnoxious for you but you got to remember when you reset this is how you reset it you just sit back down on the holder reactivate your horn you


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