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Fishing with Joe Bucher! Season 30 Episode 02

Fishing with Joe Bucher! Season 30 Episode 02

– Welcome to this week’s show. Inside this episode we will highlight a selection of topics and multiple species. In the first segment St. Croix’s Rich Belanger joins me on a late evening summer muskie hunt.

But we encounter a surprise catch. After that we shift gears to big smallies and early summer wacky jiggin’ on reefs. Finally on our feature muskie segment, guest Chas Martin joins the show and we reveal a secret trick that consistently triggers reluctant follower muskies.

It’s all coming up soon, so stick around for all the action. (gentle music) (jazzy music) – [Announcer] Fishing with Joe Bucher is brought to you by Recon Boats. Made by craftsmen, built for fisherman.

Evinrude E-Tec G2, the outboard that changed everything. St. Croitx, best rods on Earth. Yeti, built for the wild. Joe Bucher Outdoors, still number one in big game fishing products. And by your Wisconsin Chevy dealers.

(jazzy music) – Hey folks welcome back. You know if you fish muskie water, IT has big pike. If you fish with muskie Gears, you’re occasionally gonna catch one. You fish, waters don’t even have muskies but you take a muskie, pike tackle, you take muskie tackle with you on a pike trip, you’re gonna catch big pike too.

Check the segment that you’re about to watch. And you can see that I’m after muskies, but I catch a pike the size of a muskie. (jazzy music) (reel whirring) – So where’s the big fish? (water splashing) – There she is.

(water splashing) Just like clockwork. Got her. (water splashing) Got her. Nice. Oh, that’s a monster pike. That’s a monster pike. Look at the oh. – Oh no. – Look at this pike. This pike is a monster.

Wow. Look at that pike. You can leave her out while, I’ll make her swim around a little, but look. And what Rich, I think I’ll just hand land her. – Okay. – Look at the size of that pike. That’s a beauty isn’t it? – That is a big fish.

– That’s a big pike. That’s the biggest pike for me for the year. Pike’s gonna give you a good jump right here, watch this. (heavy breathing) There she goes. (water splashing) (laughter) You can just see she was ready to do that wasn’t she? Oh is that a beautiful pike.

Oh man, that pike is muskie sized. – She slipped in and took over that muskie’s spot. – Yeah, look at the size of that pike. (shuffling) Alright. Look at this beast. (gentle music) (chuckles) Look at that pike.

That’s a muskie sized pike. I love pike like this one, just let me tell ya. (gentle music) (jazzy music) (reel whirring) Oh. Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo whoo. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. Oh, beautiful fish welcome to our bass segment here my friends.

I’m doing a little finessing here. (water splashing) A little finesse wacky jig, yeah. (water splashing) Yes, getting it? Ah man, clean water. (water splashing) Wacky jig. The wacky worm. (water splashing) Yeah.

(water splashing) There we go. So nice. Alrighty. Look at that, huh. Wires here. (shuffling) Okay, nice thing about these really good high quality wacky jigs, is they hook fish so solidly, yeah. (jazzy music) (water splashing) Okay, on the business end here I am fishing, a little wacky jig.

Now these little, these really good premium wacky jigs, have a fantastic hook on them, ultra sharp. I mean, ultra factory sharp. See they got a wide beak with a inward bend. And when you find that kind of jig, and then add a weed guard to it, just got a little cable weed guard, you can fish this in cover, see? And you can put just about anything on here.

You can put a little grub on here, live bait, all kinds of, a little grub, wacky worming it, you can fish all kinds of things on here. It all works. And then I fish on a spinning tackle. I’ve got one of St.

Croix’s fantastic Legend Extremes here. This is, happens to be one of my all-time favorite spinning rods. This is the 610 medium extra fast. 610 medium extra fast, eight pound test, fluorocarbon, for the gem clear water, is, is, almost a must.

You’ll find out that I’m a big fan of braid, and even the old mono, I love the, you know colored mono so I can see it for jig fishing. But when this water’s really clear, you’re gonna catch more fish on the fluorocarbon.

So switch over to fluorocarbon for these jig models, lightweight jigs, excellent spinning gear, you’re gonna catch yourself some fantastic fish. By the way that’s the Daiwa spinning reel, and their entire series of spinning reels is good.

I mean everything they make is fantastic. This happens to be their Procyon 2500 which is one of my all-time favorites. Let’s see if we can get another one. (gentle music) Ooh, see that folks? Did you see that? That just, blind casting here working my bait behind the boat.

(chuckles) And here’s a big fish grabbed a hold of that jig. If you look you probably, can barely see, barely see, there we go, oh yeah. You can barely see the line underwater ’cause it’s, it’s fluorocarbon.

Fluorocarbon is so fabulous, yeah. For these gem clear fish, eight pound test. Hey you get your, you know I talk about investing your money in good rods that, do really super rods make a difference? Absolutely, and this is where it makes a difference.

When you’re fishing finesse. If you wanna fish finesse small mouths, walleyes, and you wanna situation where you’re gonna have. (water splashing) Ooh, that’s a big, that’s really big fish. And you want a situation where, you wanna have a rod that’s so good you can catch, you can feel fish strike on slack line.

Get a Legend Extreme, or a Legend Elite from St. Croix and it’s gonna happen. Now my favorite rod for this style of fishing, just so happens to be the 610 medium extra fast. Look at the size of this fish folks.

Look at the size of that fish. Wow, that’s my biggest fish of the season to date. Tank, absolute. This is a true tank bronze back. What a beauty. (funky music) – [Announcer] The official music sponsor of all Fishing with Joe Bucher episodes is Yeti.

(jazzy music) (reel whirring) Oh man, that fish clobbered that my friends. Just clobbered it, yeah, wow. Blind casting with these, wacky jigs. Today they build little jigs with such great hooks, that there’s no way you have to fish with these heavy duty hooks anymore.

For most, and a lot of these applications like on fishing it with spinning gear, this hook is so good, quality wacky jigs, and heavier weights with a weed guard, can’t beat it. Okay, jumped right in the net, that was nice.

So there you go my friends. Oh, look at this tank. Oh, what a beauty. What a beauty. Look at that, okay. So there you go my friends. Look at that oh, let’s get the line untangled from you here. (heavy breathing) Light line, quality jigs, and don’t forget, find a wacky jig that’s got a weed guard on it, if you find a wacky jig that’s got a weed guard on it, now you can fish it in cover.

Even with light tackle you’re gonna catch these big bronze backs in clear water. (jazzy music) One of the best things you can do with this jig folks is just do this, what I call a slack line hop. Now just get on, on a reef like this (grunt).

And just, in the line and just pop that jig up and down. It creates, we’ll show it to you in an underwater shot here that, that, that is really an incredible, it creates an incredible action on the jig.

Just incredible. I don’t know how they resist it, honestly I just don’t. That was smallmouth, right. (reel whirring) oh, just blind casting the edge of this reef and it’s amazing what I’m running into here.

These are fish, in the post spawn that are starting to work on these break lines here. Now I really love this tactic because you really, you’re just fishing along here, in this clear water I’m looking around a lot and from the looks I’m looking for cribs and I’m looking for all kinds of targets you know.

But more often than not, I just throw a cast out there while I’m looking and I catch these fish. It, the technique is kind of neat. Because really what I’m doing, is you know, I got the cast out there, I’m working the jig, but I’m looking around so I’ve got kinda two things going, we got the lure working for me, but I’m looking around for more targets.

And more often than not, I’m actually catching these fish. I all of sudden just feel a little tick, and there’s big old bronze back on the end of the line. Look at the size of that thing. This thing is just a tank.

You know, this is a classic, every which way but loose, Tank Murdoch. You know short, stocky, you know. Nobody’s gonna tell this fish what to do, huh. Gee whiz, what a brute. What a brute, oh. (jazzy music) We’ll be right back.

(jazzy music) – [Announcer] This feature segment is brought to you by the Musky Shop. (jazzy music) – Hey folks welcome to our muskie segment, I’ve got the one and only, the dude with me here. Chas Martin.

– Thanks for having me man. – I tell ya, you know what, what’s interesting about this segment, you’re gonna love this segment because it’s something new, it’s something very unique, and most of you muskie guys aren’t even doing this.

– No, no. – And this, something, we’re really taking a page out of our friends from the Kentucky, Tennessee area that do fish with lipless crank baits early in the year. But what we are finding out is, – The fish are grabbing even smaller presentations when they’re following.

– Yeah. – Already down-sized presentation. And, what was cool about this is it started off for me, this summer guiding in northern Wisconsin. I had customers that, you know, were getting tired out throwing their big baits, and I’d snap on a little lipless crank, the old JB Rattler, and all of a sudden they were catching a lot of fish.

And big ones too. – Well what’s really interesting is that we’ve really hit on this down-sizing thing for a couples years now. – Yes. – You know, that everybody’s been up-sizing, up-sizing, you know double tens, double twelves, you know big 10, 12 inch crank baits and jerk baits and big rubber and everything.

And what we’re finding out is that there’s, you know shifting back the other way, especially for you as a guide, especially for us filming tv shows, when the fish are a little sluggish, we gotta northeast wind blowing here.

The camp has been arguing about how tough the fishing is. – Yeah. – The water temperature’s been dropping. But, he’s had so much success with this in Wisconsin, earlier in the year so now Chas and I are on some filming trips, and voila.

– Yeah, and small baits do not mean, small fish. – No, no, no they don’t. (laughter) – It’s unbelievable. – Well show ’em, show ’em a couple other things if you would tilt the rod that way little bit.

– Yeah, yeah, just talk about the presentation. I’m fishing this on St. Croix’s Legend Tournament bass rod. This is their 710 heavy power. It’s a real nice lightweight rod I got. – That’s actually the swing bait rod.

– The swing bait rod yeah. And we got the 65 pound test beast braid, so little thinner diameter there. And a down-sized steel leader, and then you’ve got your, – Over-sized treble. – Over-sized treble.

– JB Rattler, Joe Bucher Outdoors perch pattern. And look at this, look at how big this bait is folks. I mean, look it, here’s the 500, I raised that bud, that muskie bait, see on this bait. And this bait’s even smaller.

But you’re using over-sized trebles. – Yes. – And that’s one of the keys. – So it goes through the weeds better. – And it keeps the fish on the hook. – Oh, it sure does man. – Check it out folks, it’s, it’s, it’s just touchdown.

– It is a touchdown. – It’s touchdown. (jazzy music) (reel whirring) – Come on, come on we got, oh got him man. – You got her. You got her. You got her dude. You got her. JB Rattler. – JB Rattler baby.

– JB Rattler dude, JB Rattler. (water splashing) (grunts) – Oh yeah. (grunts) (water splashing) I think she’s hooked alright. (water splashing) Oh, Joe, man, we, God that was awesome. – I tell ya dude, folks you’re gonna love, you’re gonna love this segment, you’re absolutely gonna love this segment because, (water splashing) (laughter) Chas has been sneaking out these following fish on these JB Rattlers.

– Oh she crushed it. – The little, four inch JB Rattler. (grunts) – Oh, Joe. Man, that is a, that is a hog. Guys when the fishing is tough, and you are getting fish to follow your already down-sized lures, down-size again.

In this case, I’m throwing the lipless crank bait, the JB Rattler. It fits the profile for what we’re looking for. And this fish absolutely hammered it. Man, what a gorgeous fish, we’ll get her back. Thanks for watching guys.

(jazzy music) – [Announcer] Fishing with Joe Bucher is brought to you by Recon Boats, made by craftsmen, built for fisherman, Evinrude E-Tec G2, the outboard that changed everything. St. Croix, best rods on Earth.

Yeti, built for the wild. Joe Bucher Outdoors, still number one in big game fishing products. And by your Wisconsin Chevy dealers. (jazzy music)


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