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Fishing Tip – “Video Game” Perch Fishing S11E03

Fishing Tip – “Video Game” Perch Fishing S11E03

hey I tell you what while I’ve got my other two lines in here and my jig ride out let’s take a look at the graph here I’ll show you how cool this looks fishing for these perch I mean it’s almost like a video game so all we’ve got on the graph here is I’ve got it in split-screen mode on this half over here what I’ve got is the full water column that way if a fish comes in high you’ll be able to see them and reel up to him and maybe jig him in but over on this side we’ve got a zoomed-in for time zoom down here we’ve got the bottom and then we’ve got 1 2 3 4 kind of lying stagnant lis going across the screen and what those are from is those jigs that are on my dead rods so on my right hand rod I’ve got line 1 and then line 3 and on my left-hand rod I’ve got line 2 and line 4 sometimes the fish will just kind of fade up from the bottom and kind of hang around a line then a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll tap that spring bobber to give that jig a little action and try and trigger that bite but other times the fish will just kind of roar right in and come right up to the lure don’t do anything they’re hot they’re aggressive they’re probably going to hit it but you can actually watch and see how aggressive those fish are and help you have a lot more fun out here fishing oh look here here here’s the fish it’s coming up 1 2 3 all the way to this one over here boys right this is actually our our aptean fish you know you’re cute just right came up hot and heavy v on top lure and that’s how you do it I hear on Lake Gogebic


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