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Fishing Tip – Trolling with Super Death Hooks S12E08

Fishing Tip – Trolling with Super Death Hooks S12E08

this is the basic setup I’m using a seven foot bouncer rod nice soft tip but good backbone for the hook set coupled with a nice small baitcaster overall this is very lightweight setup so you can hold it in your hand all day normally when you’re going to use super death you’re gonna be fishing in depths anywhere from 10 down to 30 feet bread-and-butter bottom bouncers will be one one and a half and two but probably 80% of your use will be a one and a half on its bottom bouncer I like to use 100% fluorocarbon Snell normally when I measure it out I go an arm’s distance away like this so you tie it one end right to the bouncer and then the other end to the business end of the whole setup and that’s the super death hook super death hook was designed to spin plastics and full crawlers so it’s a much more aggressive Bend the way that you hook your crawler up all you really do is hook it through the nose just like slow death you run it up the center of the crawler you come out about a quarter of an inch below of the band and then you string the crawler right over you’re not in the water this will spin the whole crawler a lot of places that we fish you can actually use gulp and catch quite a few fish the gulp tail that’s most popular now is a 4 inch gulp crawler and they come in various colors this one’s a pumpkin seed so it looks just like a real crawler but you do the same thing you end up threading it right on through the center of the crawler keep going all the way up through the crawler so the head of the crawler is over that knot and one of the key things is when you’re done here you want that tail to be sitting out at about a 45 degree angle this will spin very very effectively and its deadly also on walleyes so those are the setups troll them anywhere from the 1/2 mile an hour to about 1.

2 miles an hour use your trolling motor and hang on because you’re gonna catch a lot of fish


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