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Fishing Tip – Searching for fish using Lowrance electronics S11E06

Fishing Tip – Searching for fish using Lowrance electronics S11E06

I’m gonna show you exactly how we’re locating these fish and pinpointing them so I’m gonna have to drive around to do that we’re gonna we’re gonna put the camera right on the screen the whole time so you can see how dynamic this is and how how the story will unfold right before your eyes so we’re gonna go actually drive around pinpoint some fish and then we’ll start fishing them when we’re done but you’re gonna find this to be a really really helpful tip for your electronics use this is what we’re looking for right here we’re looking for these fish coming off the edge now advanced sonar electronics is you basically push that it drops a cursor on that fish so instead of looking for structure we’re actually looking for fish too you can see I’ve froze the screen here with the cursor now all I do is go over to waypoint hit it twice and since all of my units are connected it drops a waypoint exactly on that fish you can see I’ve got a zoomed in version here on my map and a zoomed in version there on my map so I’ve got that fish pegged right there and there’s a bunch of fish next to it so now I just go back to my sonar I clear that cursor it brings me right back to the graph where you could see that’s been scrolling so all I need to do to go and find and relocate those fish is to drive right back to that Waypoint and I’ve got those fish pegged perfectly so we’ve got these fish peg now they’re going motor you’re already up casting and kidding you ready to catch the fish that’s exactly how you nail them you look for them with these electronics you peg them and you go back and fish exactly where they are you’re not even necessarily looking at just the structure anymore but you’re nailing the fish on top of the structure and that’s where it’s at in today’s at times


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