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Fishing Tip – Rigging Options for Slow Death Tactic – The Next Bite Season #9 Episode #5

Fishing Tip – Rigging Options for Slow Death Tactic – The Next Bite Season #9 Episode #5

so we’re fishing the slow death tactic a couple different ways today the one more traditional one is to use a real night crawler like this simply like always we’re gonna string this on now it’s key to try and get that hook point right close to the tip of the crawler string them on I like to go a little bit beyond the collar on the crawler push it out pull the head of the crawler up over the eyelet and then pinch this off maybe a half inch behind the crawler all right and you can see how that slow death hook actually forms that crawler and then once we set it in the water that’s what’s gonna make it spin down there so that’s just standard slow death couple alterations I’m making because we’ve got so many fish here small ones perch walleyes I want to go with something a little bit more durable so I’m using what’s called a killer crawler this is actually a crawler we had Berkeley designed specifically for slow death you can see it looks like a half of a night crawler I’m gonna string this on the same way but before I do I’ll show you one little trick that we use to get this to spin a little bit better it’s called over bending now I’m gonna do is to simply take my slow death hook and where the big hard turn is there I’m gonna bend it a little bit more and that a little bit of over Bend just helps any art officials whether it’s the killer crawler you can put on the the 3-inch gulp fry any kind of soft plastic it’ll actually form that plastic or that tail on this hook a little bit better and give it that good curl so then after that I’m gonna just string it on the same way this one you don’t have to pinch anything off you just leave about a half inch down there one another little trick if this doesn’t spin quite right especially with these art officials simply slide that crawler up or down the line just a little bit you know its form it a little bit different and really help out that spin


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