Home Fishing Tips Fishing Tip – Pitching and Dragging Jigs S12E06

Fishing Tip – Pitching and Dragging Jigs S12E06

Fishing Tip – Pitching and Dragging Jigs S12E06

so let me talk a little bit about the equipment that we’re using for the jigging out here we’re gonna use the same equipment what were you whether we’re using it for dragging the jigs or pitching the jigs I like to use a six foot medium light rod the reason we go with medium light is because you’re gonna use a no stretch line and therefore when you set that hook and have to start fighting that fish gonna want to have some flex in that rod to take up that shock absorption now as far as the main line that I’m gonna fish with I like a no stretch line so either fire line or I’m using Nano probably an eight pound test fire line or 10 pound test Nano and then because the water is fairly clear here you’re gonna want to look at using a leader I’m using fluorocarbon leaders I like 10 pound test Jim goes all the way up to a 15 pound test and that’s mainly because Fort Peck does have a lot of big northerns in it and it might prevent some of those bite offs but that fluorocarbon very very good in this clear water that you have here in the reservoir and as far as a jig what you’re gonna want to use is a quarter ounce or probably even a 3/8 ounce especially if it’s a little windy or go to that heavier one I’m mainly using you know a semi stand-up jig like this with a three-inch gold minnow has been my best as far as what jim has been using he’s got this kind of a specialty built one here come some of the guides he goes with the Keebler’s build this jig and it’s got a little spinner on the bottom but basically green and white the pink and white have all been very good Jim’s been tipping with a real middle so if you take an you know get a medium light six foot rod some some no stretch lines and quarter ounce jigs pitch them out there or drag them you’re gonna catch some walleyes here on Fort Peck


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