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Fishing Tip of the Week – Stripped Screws

Fishing Tip of the Week – Stripped Screws

hi folks Randy cue ins with kick and bass guide service with your fishing tip of the week you know every now and then I get a some screws in here that they get loose or get stripped and this is uh this is an area where it’s going to get a lot of pounding in the weights and and sometimes these screws are then you know they back out and we’ve got a little something here that I think is going to help us a lot and what it is we’re taking a zip time we’re cutting part of it off and what we’re going to do is we’re going to insert this zip tie down in the hole and we’re going to use the same screw rather than get a bigger screw and bore that hole out something necessary to do that so what we do is we go ahead and insert that down in there and put the screw right in there next to it go ahead and screw it in there it’s tightening up pretty nice as you can see right there you can see part of the zip ties sticking out of the hole right there it’s right there and it’s getting a good bite we’re gonna screw it down here we go it’s got a good grip so there you go so rather than get a bigger screw for the whole house on this or get you a little piece of that zip tie put it in there use the same screw press both works every time and you’re fishing typically you


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