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Fishing Tip – MotorGuide Xi5 S10E07

Fishing Tip – MotorGuide Xi5 S10E07

topics leading information on tackle and techniques to make you a better fisherman presented by mercury a trend lately and walleye fishing is for a lot of anglers to go to an electric steer trailing motor now what do I mean by electric steer that simply means that there’s a little motor up in here that will actually steer the motor back and forth instead of the old cables that used to run these trolling motors now there’s some obvious advantages of running an electric scooter Ola motor the first one is you can move all around the boat and actually control this whether you move your foot pedal back or you use something like a key fob you can actually control the boat up from the bow in the back there if you’re trolling pretty much anywhere you want now when you start looking at electric trolling motors especially electric steer trailing motors some things that I look for that are real important for walleye fishing are first of all that heads got to still move fast you don’t want it just slowly moving around you can see on this head when I go left or right this thing spins right around just about as fast as a cable drive so that lets you control the boat real precisely stay on the little break that you might want to be on or if you’re like all vertical jigging keep your lines nice and vertical so fast moving head is very very important the second thing that I want is a real quiet electric trolling motor not only when I push the button here and run the prop you know it should be nice and quiet but that steering the steering motor has to be quiet as well as the bracketing shouldn’t be creaking around because the reason you’re losing on electric trolling motor is to be stealthy to be quiet to sneak up on these walleyes so everything’s got to be good and quiet the last thing that I really need out of a trolling motor especially for me is durability you know I’m out rough water an awful lot I’ve got to have good solid bracketing we’ve actually run this motor quite a bit in really big waves and the bracketing is held up great so electric steering trolling motors great for walleye fishing just make sure that they’re strong enough they’re quiet enough they let you be remote and it’ll make you a better fisherman


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