Home Fishing Tips Fishing Tip – Mercury Marine’s new 90 & 115 HP Fourstrokes S11E08s

Fishing Tip – Mercury Marine’s new 90 & 115 HP Fourstrokes S11E08s

Fishing Tip – Mercury Marine’s new 90 & 115 HP Fourstrokes S11E08s

hi folks Steve Miller here with Mercury Marine and I want to talk to you today about one of the coolest parts of our new 90 and 115 four stroke outboard and that is the fact that we are the only manufacturer to offer not one but two different gear case options to really help you maximize the performance of any specific boat you may have so we’ve got our standard gear case which is an all new gear case design with a very sleek unique hydrodynamic profile to it with 15% less hydrodynamic drag which is a fancy way of saying it pushes the boat through the water a lot easier that will help your cruise speed fuel efficiency it helps your top-end and your all-around performance and it’s the perfect year case for those 16 17 foot boats but generally lift very well by themselves but then for those heavier boats 18 plus foot we’ve got a larger command thrust gear case we’ve taken the larger gear case from the 154 stroke change the ratio to a nice powerful 2.

4 to 1 ratio and put it on the 90 and 115 as an option so now if you’ve got a boat that’s quite a bit heavier has a little trouble lifting itself getting up out of its own way this gear case provides a lot more leverage in the water a little more lift to help get that boat up and moving the way you want it to the other benefit of the command thrust gear case is it gives you access to Mercury Marines entire range of v6 class propellers which is unparalleled in the industry so for a standard gear case running a prop such as this black max right here you’ve got a great prop offering but with the command thrust you can upgrade to something like the inertia which is a lot more diameter it’s a lot more blade area and it really complements the larger gear case when you got to get that boat up and running and to get it to really lift and handle the way you want it to


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