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Fishing Tip – Mercury Marine’s new 350 Verado S12E01

Fishing Tip – Mercury Marine’s new 350 Verado S12E01

one of my favorite movies of all time is Top Gun and in it Tom Cruise who plays maverick says to his navigator goose I feel the need the need for speed that’s kind of the way I’ve been all of my wall-eyed career whether I’m tournament fishing or just out fishing I like the adrenaline rush of ripping across the water at 60 Plus miles an hour across the country the biggest walleyes live in big bodies of water places like the Great Lakes big reservoirs big inland lakes long runs are often part of the equation and speed is what’s going to get you there quickly and allow you to fish longer so when I got a chance to run the new mercury 350 on my boat the cv 21 I jumped at the chance I wanted to see if I could get that little extra horsepower because often times getting that extra horsepower is a difficult thing with walleye boats these boats aren’t necessarily built for speed but they’re built for us handling big waves they’re deep they’re heavy they got big V’s in the front but I tell you what after running this 350 it gives me everything I wanted it gave me a better whole shot which is a good indication of how well the boat accelerates so not only getting out of the hole but also how it’s gonna handle the big waves it also gives me that extra speed it’s just got that extra lift the hull is up out of the water and you’re just ripping along I’ve noticed for years that a lot of times when I first run a boat in the spring in the cooler weather it runs its fastest and then as summer goes on the warm weather happens the boat slows down the thing that this Verado does the new 350 barato is it’s got a water-cooled supercharger so it’s actually giving cooler air to the engine so even though you’re out in the hot summer it’s gonna get that cool air run better and keep that speed throughout the summer so speed is important for me it’s exciting for me it helps me catch big fish and this 350 Verado is just making me that much better at what I do


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