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Fishing Tip – Lowrance and MotorGuide Gateway Explained S11E04

Fishing Tip – Lowrance and MotorGuide Gateway Explained S11E04

so last year I was lucky enough to fish the new xi5 trolling motor really impressed with how durable the engine was the bracket in the motor itself everything about it held up great and I put it through some pretty tough conditions second thing is that I think the trolling motor actually changed the way that I fish especially with that anchor anchor is a function where you can hold right on a spot I even want to turn them in up in Escanaba being able to hold my boat right in a spot and cast to specific fish so now there’s a new function called the gateway gateway is basically a way to hit your HTS units up to the xi5 trolling motor just a cord that hooks up the xi5 to your NMEA network anything like this unit that’s on that network can control it so the first thing you’re gonna want to do after you get this all hooked up he is configure your unit here so that you can get to the functions and that’s pretty simple you just go to pages you’re gonna add a new panel here and what I’m gonna do in this case is I’m gonna just drag down I’m gonna put a chart on this and then here’s the DS autopilot or gateway functions I’m gonna put that on that and then I’m gonna hit save then I’m gonna select it so basically what I have is my regular graph over here and then I have the functions of the gateway over here so for example right now I’m in the anchor mode the first nice thing is that you get a status bar on your HGS unit telling you what the xi5 is doing so in this case it’s an anchor mode but the other nice thing is is that you can get to all the functions so for example if I’m going to stand by here take it out of anchor mode I’ve got anchor heading lock recorded trail navigate my favorite one again to used is the anchor so I’ll show you how that works now the cool thing is is that you can anchor more than one way on this key fob and you get the anchor button there it’s gonna anchor you right in the spot with the gateway you can anchor here you can anchor at a waypoint if you’ve got a waypoint saved on your unit and you want to go right to it an anchor to it or you can move your cursor around on your graph and tell it to go right to the cursor it will then take off and go towards that cursor and anchor up on that spot so you have more functionality in the Gateway so the xi5 is a great motor for helping you control your boat with the new gateway you can get to the functionality and get status right on your age yes units to make it even more usable


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