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Fishing Tip – Heading Lock and Slow Death Hooks S12E04

Fishing Tip – Heading Lock and Slow Death Hooks S12E04

one of my favorite techniques to fish when I’m out on structure is something called slow death basically it’s just a bent hook with a crawler on it and that bend in the hook makes the crawler spin and the head attracts walleyes to bite what you’re gonna tip eclis do on the structure is pull it behind the weighting system called a bottom bouncer so there’s a couple of key things that you got to remember when you’re doing this kind of fishing is first of all you’ve got to keep your bait moving it’s kind of in a precarious situation now then it’s getting dragged along if you make too sharp of a turn or slow down your engine too much Plunkett’s gonna fall over on the bottom it’ll be dragging and won’t be doing what you want it to do so keeping the boat moving and keeping it moving along smoothly are real important and that’s where this xi5 trolling motor is really an invaluable aid what I like to use on the xi5 when I’m slow death fishing bottom box or fishing there’s something called heading lock and basically what heavy and lock does is is I can get my motor pointed the way that I want it to go get at the going the speed I want to go in this case just so that crawler is turning and then I can just simply hit head in lock and it’s a simple little button right here on the on the key fob here and when it’s in heading lock it will keep going that direction is pointed until I adjust it I’m gonna watch my depth finder or watch the contour lines on my GPS and as I’ve got to make a little bit of an adjustment to keep it into a certain depth I’m gonna just simply use the right and left buttons to hold on the brake I want but here’s the real cool thing is when I make an adjustment with the motor in heading lock say I go to the right the motor will turn to the right and then as it starts to get going in that direction I want it to go it will actually straighten itself out so it’s actually cutting your boat control right in half the second thing is is that these nice turns that it’s making are smooth enough that it’s going to keep that bottom bouncer up and keep that bait spinning so the beauty of the xi5 is especially for a technique like this when you put it in heading and lock it’s gonna make nice smooth turns it’s gonna keep the boat going in the direction you want so let you can mess around in the boat or do whatever you got to do you don’t know how it’s got to be watching it but it’s gonna keep that bottom bouncer up its gonna keep that slow death hook spinning and I guarantee it’ll catch more fish you


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