Home Fishing Tips Fishing Tip – Fishing The Bass Islands S10E04

Fishing Tip – Fishing The Bass Islands S10E04

Fishing Tip – Fishing The Bass Islands S10E04

it’s a great time to come out to Lake Erie looking for walleyes and one of the best places to be this time of year is around the bass silence and that’s because walleyes in Lake Erie many of them spawn over in the West they spawn in Detroit River they spawn in the Maumee River there’s a big reef system over in the western basin once they get done with that spawn they start heading to the east and a great place for them to hang out is the bass islands is this time of year you can meet a lot of different wind conditions and the nice thing about the bass islands is you can tuck in and a lot of times the best fishing is right in between the islands or right next to the islands or on one side of the islands you’re looking for a couple of different things first of all you want to find cleaning up water I like to look at my prop make sure I can just barely see that proper the cavitation plate you don’t want crystal-clear water the other thing that you obviously want to look for is a lot of marks on your fish finder you should be seeing marks all the time because what you’re fishing for is suspended fish once you see those marks either gonna run spinners or crank baits just above those mark you should catch a lot of fish here on Erie or on the bass silence


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