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Fishing Tip: Don’t Over-Dye Your Plastics

Fishing Tip: Don’t Over-Dye Your Plastics

I’m Dennis Tietje Elite Series Pro, and I want to talk to you a little bit today about over dipping your lure with Dip N’ Dye. So many people dip too much. I’ll show you the difference between over over dipping and dipping effectively.

What you want to achieve when you dip is to barely dip the claws or the tips of the tail instead of dipping an inch of your lure. What this does is it increases the flash and what you really want to achieve is increase to the flash.

What I’ve done on my bait that I use (and everybody knows that I like crawfish) so to magnify the effectiveness of your lure you can put a bead, which is sound. You can dip the tips of the claws, which is the flash.

Not only are you dipping the tips, but if you’re dipping it in garlic impregnated dye you increase the scent. When the fish grabs hold of that bait any residual scent from your hands is taken out by the garlic scent.

Increase the effectiveness of your bait by barely dipping the tips of the lure.


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